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Favour Boxes That Are Golden

Looking for ways to include the touch of gold in your wedding theme? Then you’re probably already using gold foil, gold table accents, and you probably used gold as a way to embellish your wedding invitation boxes.

Are you celebrating a golden anniversary or retirement from a long career? Gold is the standard for longevity and quality.

Gold is the preferred accent being used by party planners this year, and there’s good reason why. It’s the perfect metallic accent because of it’s warmth and glow. Gold adds a rich touch of elegance and sets a standard of high expectations.

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wedding favor boxes

You Need This Wedding Favor Box

Summer lies ahead. With summer comes long days full of sunshine, bright blue skies and warmer temperatures. Much, much warmer temperatures.

If you decide on an outdoor wedding and reception, keep in mind that not all of your guests appreciate balmy days the way you do. And even if they do love them, they are not going to love when the gentle stops and the heats descends on them.

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Wedding Favor Boxes

Creating the Ultimate in Wedding Favor Boxes

Using wedding favor boxes is one of the hottest trends for weddings in 2017, but don’t think you have to stop with a simple box.

Wedding favor boxes are so much more when you personalize them to your taste and style. With the right touch, these customized treats


Your wedding favors can set the tone of your celebration when they fit your style. If you’re looking for something casual, make sure the exterior of the box complements your theme.

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Wedding Boxes

Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Boxes

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You are not the only ones planning a wedding.

More than two million people get married each year – in the United States alone. Think about how many wedding invitations that means. Even if every couple sent only fifty invitations, that’s quite a few invitations fluttering through the mail each year. Imagine what that means worldwide.

So how do you make sure your wedding invitation isn’t just another piece of mail – a card stuffed in an envelope?

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Wedding Favor boxes

Cookie Bars Lend Themselves to Best Wedding Favor Boxes EVER

Now that you’re getting married, you’re probably getting a little bit overwhelmed. That’s a normal thing that a lot of brides experience. After all, you’ve got a dress to find invitations to order and a ton of other things to do, including figuring out what to feed your guests and what wedding favor boxes to select – as well as the wedding favors themselves.

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Wedding Favor Boxes Create Experiences

Some events are so significant that you want them to never end. That’s particularly true of a wedding, a quinceanera or a special gala.

The best way to relive the experience of the wedding, the quince, or the gala you’ve attended is to revisit its special moment through a wedding favor box. It’s a tiny token of appreciation given to guests, thanking them for being part of the festivities.

It’s also a great way to say, “Remember this night.”

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beautiful wedding embellishments

Wedding Embellishments Take It to the Next Level

It’s crazy, but your wedding really can consist of nothing more than you, your partner and an officiant.

Try telling that to any bride who has ever dreamed of an elaborate wedding ceremony, and you may see defiance, denial or both.

Plenty of brides dream of the day they will get married, and imagining the elaborate decorations is just as paramount to the celebration after the wedding as the ceremony itself. Decorating everything, from your luxury wedding invitations to your wedding favor pouches and boxes lets you cast the finishing touches on as you throw a spectacular party for the guests who have come to help you celebrate.

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These May Just Be the Most Perfect Wedding Favors EVER

It’s tempting to skip over selecting wedding favors for your guests.

After all, you’ve got a wedding and a reception to plan, and there are costs to consider for both. You might not be on a budget, but for those who are, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too.

You can have a beautifully decorated wedding reception and still gift your guests with stunning wedding favors they’ll love.

Here’s how.

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Wedding Embellishments

Perfect Wedding Embellishments for a Summer Wedding

How can you easily and quickly create the right wedding theme?

One way to tie your wedding theme together with just the right panache is to add the right wedding embellishments to your handcrafted luxury wedding invitations, wedding favor bags and more.

The best wedding embellishments are those that capture the essence of your personality. The right embellishment creates a bespoke invitation, bag or adornment that makes your wedding unique – truly a standout from others.

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Beach wedding

The Wedding Favors You Must Have for Your Beach Wedding

The season for destination beach weddings has arrived, and so have your beach wedding favor ideas.

You may have always dreamed of a glorious wedding right on the beach, with the waves lapping at your bare feet while you exchange vows with your loved one as you look at a sea of endless possibility before you and ahead in your life.

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