Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Boxes

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You are not the only ones planning a wedding.

More than two million people get married each year – in the United States alone. Think about how many wedding invitations that means. Even if every couple sent only fifty invitations, that’s quite a few invitations fluttering through the mail each year. Imagine what that means worldwide.

So how do you make sure your wedding invitation isn’t just another piece of mail – a card stuffed in an envelope?

The good news is that there’s more to a wedding invitation than just the invitation itself. A properly sent wedding invitation makes use of wedding boxes to mark them as more significant and important than anything else that could come in the post or even be hand delivered to a guest’s home or place of business.

Consider these two important types of wedding boxes.

Wedding boxes for your invitations

An invitation merely stuffed into an envelope is boring and uninspired. Perhaps that’s because there’s not much you can do to embellish the envelope other than draw on it or put stickers on it.

A wedding box, on the other hand, is the right vehicle not only to hold your invitation in place, but also to showcase it the way it should be, with fine satin ribbon holding the corners in place. The box will also provide you with pockets for necessary inserts.

Best of all the box you use for your wedding invitation may be covered in your choice of fabric and embellished with more ribbon, rhinestone and pearl brooches, exotic feathers, or silk leaves and flowers. That’s far more elegant than adding color a paper envelope – or using stickers.

Wedding boxes for mailing

Your boxed wedding invitation needs additional protection during delivery, and a great way to protect the handcrafted wedding invitation box you’ve selected is with a proper mailing box.

Again, not just any box will do. There are special boxes designed to hold your invitation during the mailing, and these are not the boxes you grab for packing household items. Specialty mailing boxes are strong enough to withstand postal handling and light enough not to weigh down your invitation.

Consider getting your mailing boxes personalized, with a monogram printed on a white box, or further customize the box with your names and date of marriage. Plenty of possibilities for customization exist, and you may find yourself having fun thinking beyond the traditional wedding invitation in an envelope.

Get the most with your boxes for wedding invitations and mailings.