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clutch bag

The Clutch Bag You Can Carry Anywhere

The clutch bag never seems to get half the praise it deserves, but once you carry a clutch, you’ll see the benefits of keeping this slim purse in your hand and by your side. It’s the bag you can carry anywhere.

A thin envelope-style purse is the go-to choice for savvy women who want to leave the big bag at home. A small streamlined purse places the focus on you, not on the accessory you carry. It says you value more than the material things you carry every day. In fact, you can do without them.

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crimson red shoulder bag

How the Crimson Red Taffeta Silk Shoulder Bag Meets Your Needs

It’s completely true.

You can never have too many bags. There’s one bag, however, that you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again because of its versatility, and that’s the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag from Dennis Wisser.

Women adore bags and totes because they can be a convenient purse, providing plenty of room to carry the necessities of everyday life, like your makeup, wallet, hairbrush and more.

Some bags are meant to do double duty, and the crimson red taffeta silk shoulder bag does that. Here’s how.

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Cotton drawstring bags

OEM Shopping Bags Sack the Competition

Looking for an edge in the competitive world of shopping? Then it’s time to consider how using OEM shopping bags in the presentation or the transport of your product.

Original equipment manufacturer OEM shopping bags are the bags we make make for you to use in your end product.

Canvas, cotton and hemp have been industry favorites for quite some time. The natural fabric appeals to eco-conscious and savvy consumers, and the fabrics wont harm your product.

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