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Wedding Brooches

Use Family Brooches and New Brooches to Make Your Day Extra Special

Brooches are quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding trends for women to incorporate into their special day. Everything from ornaments, to wedding favors, and, yes, even to wear – brooches are back in style this wedding season. Using family brooches combined with new brooches can add a personal touch to your wedding day and show off your own unique style. Here are a few ideas to consider as your wedding day approaches.

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wedding favour box

Favour Boxes That Are Golden

Looking for ways to include the touch of gold in your wedding theme? Then you’re probably already using gold foil, gold table accents, and you probably used gold as a way to embellish your wedding invitation boxes.

Are you celebrating a golden anniversary or retirement from a long career? Gold is the standard for longevity and quality.

Gold is the preferred accent being used by party planners this year, and there’s good reason why. It’s the perfect metallic accent because of it’s warmth and glow. Gold adds a rich touch of elegance and sets a standard of high expectations.

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invitation box

The Heritage of Scroll Invitation Boxes

Certain events in a person’s life are celebrated with established customs and traditions. Often these traditions have been handed down through each generation.  Some span eras of time.

You’ve likely heard the wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Every bride looks for something new to carry forward. What she might not realize is that she is carrying her family’s history forward. A family tradition, such as wearing a special pair of earrings or carrying the family Bible is a way to remember and honor the choices of those who walked your same path.

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Wedding Box

This Is How Outdoors Wedding Boxes Set the Tone

Believe it or not, some people spend less than 10% of their time outdoors. What with working in offices, commuting in either personal or public transportation vehicles, less little chance to catch a breath of fresh air, much less enjoy it.

Busy lives have been made all the busier with the computers that were supposed to reduce your work schedule and allow you more outdoor time in the first place. Instead, if you’re like most people, you get your outdoor time in by walking from building to building.

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Black and White luxury wedding invitations

Black and White Luxury Wedding Invitation Folios Create Style

Look at current trends, and you’ll see a variety of glamorous styles. Metallic glam and rich gemstone colors dominate celebration themes now, and muted pastels are sure to make a strong comeback.

Trends come and go, but the one style that never goes out of style is black and white.

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bespoke wedding invitations

Timeless Winter White Bespoke Wedding Invitations

There’s no more perfect time for white than a wedding, and no better season for a flurry of bespoke wedding invitations than the winter.

It’s easy to love wearing white and decorating with it in the winter because no other color lends itself so well to the season. For the most remarkable use of winter white in your bespoke wedding invitations, you’ll have to take two things into consideration.

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cushions and cushion covers

You’re Using the Wrong Cushions and Cushion Covers

Outstanding room design begins with a concept and finishes with the smallest of details that pull the complete look together. And yet it is often the small details that are most likely to be overlooked or left out altogether.

With the walls freshly painted, carpets rolled out, and furniture in place, it’s time to appoint the accent pieces that unite your overall design. A few candles, a bowl of fruit or other interesting objects and a few coffee table books hare staples in the decorating world, but don’t mistake the power of a great pillow.

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Dennis Wisser Color Chart

Designing with the Dennis Wisser Color Chart

Any designer will tell you that color makes the difference. It doesn’t matter is you are decorating a room, coloring a black line drawing or creating the atmosphere for an event such as a wedding, quince or gala.

Choosing the right color is everything.

You wouldn’t pick one color from a planning tool like the Dennis Wisser Color Chart and use it exclusively, right? After all, a beige room with a beige sofa, beige carpet and beige window treatments is still . . . beige. And boring.

The same scene in all coral or all peacock would still be boring unless you follow these three tips.

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dreamy spa packaging

Dreamy Spa Packaging Designed to Fit Your Needs

When it’s time to put your product out there, it’s time to create dreamy spa packaging that stands out above anything else available.

Consumers are looking for more than a just a product; they seek solutions to their problems. By offering your product in creative spa packing, you have exceeded your consumer’s expectations.

So how do you create the dreamy spa packaging of your dreams — and your consumers?

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Wedding Embellishments

Perfect Wedding Embellishments for a Summer Wedding

How can you easily and quickly create the right wedding theme?

One way to tie your wedding theme together with just the right panache is to add the right wedding embellishments to your handcrafted luxury wedding invitations, wedding favor bags and more.

The best wedding embellishments are those that capture the essence of your personality. The right embellishment creates a bespoke invitation, bag or adornment that makes your wedding unique – truly a standout from others.

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