Wedding Favor Boxes Create Experiences

Some events are so significant that you want them to never end. That’s particularly true of a wedding, a quinceanera or a special gala.

The best way to relive the experience of the wedding, the quince, or the gala you’ve attended is to revisit its special moment through a wedding favor box. It’s a tiny token of appreciation given to guests, thanking them for being part of the festivities.

It’s also a great way to say, “Remember this night.”

If you are hosting the event, you can recreate the magic your guests experienced when they were with you.. All it takes is a little creativity and planning in designing the right wedding favor and presenting it in a way that creates an experience.

When you think of a traditional wedding favor box, you likely picture in your mind a cube of some sort. This cube may have a lid that tucks into the box or it may have a completely removable lid. The term box, however, may actually be a misnomer. While some of the gifts are actually boxes, many more take creative shape and serve inspirational purposes.

These boxes can be pyramid shaped containers, pouches and even miniature hat box shapes. Imagine your guests’ delight in receiving a luxurious wedding favor box covered in the finest silk and decorated with elegant ribbon and a rhinestone brooch. Coordinate the colors and the embellishments with the theme of your special day of evening.

Some of the favor boxes may look look like puffy envelopes, cleve in design and as cute as a colorful pouch that hold goodies from the event inside.

When you think outside the box, so to speak, an infinite array of possibilities present themselves.

The silk travel picture frame is yet another way to box up a memory of the night. With the rise in popularity of photo booth kiosks at weddings, your guest can take pictures of themselves you or with guests, and they can have the actual photos to take home with them. Many event photographers also offer immediate photographs, and these authentic snapshots of the best moments of the night become favorite treasures.

Send your guests home with a way to protect their precious pictures by selecting the silk travel picture frame as their wedding favor box.

You can have this frame covered in the fabric of your choice, and although it’s a standard picture size, you can request other sizes as well. The frame fastens with an elegant pearl button closure. Currently manufactured in elegant fuschia pink, this wedding favor box frame is an excellent choice for guest at a quince.

Your decision to create a special experience for your guests will have them remembering your event for a long time.