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The Right Way to Use an Invitation Box

Planning any event, whether it’s a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a gala fundraiser, begins with a date, a guest list and the invitations.

As though it’s not enough to adroitly handle all of details that go along with your event, figuring out the invitations and the contents of the invitation boxes can sidetrack even the most intrepid planners.

Your invitation may indeed remind you of an elegantly lined and covered box, the kind that has been reserved for superior invitations to elite events. Your specialty box may also be of the folio type, with side flaps or wings that open to the contents underneath.

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Brooch Bouquet Resin

Why a Brooch Bouquet Is the Perfect Alternative to the Traditional Bouquet

Brooches are desirable objects for today’s stylish weddings. Even wedding invitation boxes are wrapped in fine fabric and embellished with stunning brooches that say, “This event will be special.”

You’ll find brooches on more than a wedding invitation box. One of the hottest trends for weddings is to leave behind the traditional bride’s bouquet of flowers in lieu of a brooch bouquet.

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Common wedding planning mistakes

6 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Planning Your Wedding

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, from choosing the right dresses to finding an affordable caterer. With so many choices to make, there is little doubt that you are going to make a mistake or two along the way. Some will be small mistakes, like forgetting your something blue, while others could ruin the entire day if you are not quick to fix them. To avoid the extra headache of additional planning to make a big fix, avoid making these 6 big mistakes from the get go:

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