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Songkran Festival

Holiday Announcement Over Songkran Festival

Dear valued customer,

This year our factory will be closed for annual holidays from the 12th – 16th of April. We will celebrate our important Thai New Year Holiday (Songkran Festival).
During this time we might not answer your inquiries. All orders placed during this time will start processing on the 17th of April.
Thanks for understanding!

Quinceañera Invitation Trends

Quinceañera Invitation Trends You’re Going to Want to Try

Everybody gets to have a fifteenth birthday, but not everyone will celebrate it with a quinceañera.

The quinceañera is a special part introducing a young woman to the beginning of her transformation to womanhood. Many Latino and Hispanic cultures have identified this as the age that gils leave behind their childhood and took toward their future of womanhood.

There’s no better way to mark the transition than with a party.

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The Real Reason You Need Luxury Quince Invitations

Your quince, or quinceañera, will come only once in your lifetime.

It is not like a wedding that can be performed, celebrated, broken and repeated several times. The quince is your right of passage as you become a woman.

This fifteenth birthday celebration marks the time in a girl’s life when she puts away the toys of youth and accepts responsibility for becoming a woman. Her quince is something her parents have been anticipating and saving for, for the quince is their daughter’s entrance into to social world.

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Celebrating wedding in style

Don’t Let Other People’s Expectations Get in the Way of Your Own – Plan Your Wedding How You Want It!

Your wedding may be your special day, but there are a lot of people involved who are going to want to inject their own opinion about how it should be. It may be hard to disappoint Grandma, or even your best friend, but at the end of the day you should be pushing for what you see as the dream wedding, not giving in to others expectations.

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Wedding luxury favour bags

The Two Time Wedding Favor – Why You Should Be Using Luxury Favor Bags

With so much planning going into a wedding, from the invitations to the catering to the limo that whisks you away to your honey moon, it’s easy to forget the importance of your wedding favor. Yet, like your photographs, these are a lasting memory from your special day meant to thank your guests for being a part of it. Rather than bric-a-brac that will just gather dust make your favors make a statement by filling up silk luxury favor bags or invitation boxes with items they will use.

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Luxury wedding invitations


You are about to make a lifelong commitment to one person, at an event where all eyes will be on you as you do it.
Of course it is perfectly natural to feel a bit jittery and nervous as the big day approaches, but don’t let that spoil your moment. By practicing a few quick tips in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you will have no trouble making your way down that aisle with confidence and grace.
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With the number of non-profit charities around the world, it can be difficult for an organization to get people interested in their cause. Charity events are one way of doing this, but the peopletargeted for these types of activities typically receive dozens of charity invitations a month. What you need to do is find a way to stand out from that crowd and wow your potential donators right from the start.



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