Choose Custom Boxed Invitations For Your Next Masquerade Ball

A Masquerade ball has a long history, reaching back to the old days where such events where held as religious ceremonies (or masked rite, festival, procession or dance). For example in Africa, in the Dogon religion of the people in Mali, traditionally hold events where the Dogo people would wear mask and dance to spiritual rhythm. This includes their  famous Sigi festival. Today the Sigi are mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Longest religious ceremony”

Masquerade balls were sometimes set as a game among the guests. The masked guests were supposedly dressed so as to be unidentifiable. This would create a type of game to see if a guest could determine each other’s identities.
This special kind of formal ball usually has many participants to attend opposing the rather traditional formal parties. Such balls are famous especially among celebrities and VIP guest due to the fact that they can hide their identity, party without being recognized by others, especially the infamous “paparazzi”

In our workshop we took such ball as an inspiration creating some of the finest fabric covered Masquerade Invitation Boxes. All our creations can be fully customized from bottom to top with custom printed interior, custom embellishment, choice of fabric or paper cover and color. Optional we give our clients the chance of ordering their mask together with their inviattion box order as a one-stop service that safes time and money.

Let us create your next unforgettable masquerade boxed invitations today!

Masquerade invitation box recently created by us
Masquerade invitation box recently created by us