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Wedding Tips for Dealing with Meddling Moms

As if the stress of a wedding is’t enough, there’s the stress of dealing with well-meaning family members who mean for you to do what they want.

Your anxious aunties may want the inside scoop with plenty of juicy details, and they’ll share their wedding tips with you as well, but it can be meddling moms — on the bride’s and the groom’s side — who unintentionally cause the most anxiety in newlyweds.

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Newly Married COuple

Wedding Tips for the Recently Married

It’s over at last.

The rehearsal dinner seems like years years ago, and your wedding and reception were a thing of beauty, even if not everything went as planned.
And now you’re married, and you’re expected to settle into your new role. It seems like there were more wedding tips for preparing for the ceremony itself than for the rest of your life that follows.

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Luxury wedding invitations


You are about to make a lifelong commitment to one person, at an event where all eyes will be on you as you do it.
Of course it is perfectly natural to feel a bit jittery and nervous as the big day approaches, but don’t let that spoil your moment. By practicing a few quick tips in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you will have no trouble making your way down that aisle with confidence and grace.
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