Wedding Embellishments Take It to the Next Level

It’s crazy, but your wedding really can consist of nothing more than you, your partner and an officiant.

Try telling that to any bride who has ever dreamed of an elaborate wedding ceremony, and you may see defiance, denial or both.

Plenty of brides dream of the day they will get married, and imagining the elaborate decorations is just as paramount to the celebration after the wedding as the ceremony itself. Decorating everything, from your luxury wedding invitations to your wedding favor pouches and boxes lets you cast the finishing touches on as you throw a spectacular party for the guests who have come to help you celebrate.

Of course you’re going to want everything to shimmer and sparkle. You can create any effect you want with the right beautiful wedding embellishments. These are the final touches, the icing on the cake, so to speak, that completes the look you’re going for.

Luxury invitations

The first place to consider using beautiful wedding embellishments is on your luxury invitations. While the fabric you select and the overall design have a lot to do with style, it’s the beautiful wedding embellishments that take your initial concept over the top. They are the fine jewelry you add to your outfit. Consider adorning your invitations with everything from ribbons to rhinestones, and more.

These beauties take the form of iridescent pearl and rhinestone brooches, charms, buckles and classically elegant interlocks that fasten folios and pocket cards in a way that’s simply sublime.

Something like a classic Gold Crystal Interlock can be the eye-catching piece you want to embellish any part of your invitation. Luxury crystals that have been individually mounted are part of a mirrored swirl design that suggest two halves forming a whole, much the way the bride and groom become a couple.

Most embellishments are available in silver or gold metal, so you can be sure that they complement your metal of choice – whether that’s in your wedding bands or in your décor.

Favors and finery

Even your wedding favors can be adorned with beautiful wedding embellishments that remind your guests of your theme.

Reveal your personal interests by select from commanding brooches or tiny charms.You needn’t stop there, though, because enameled charms can be attached to napkin ring holders, ribbons on candles and more.


Beautiful wedding embellishments are much more than the decorations on your invitations and favors. Look for inspirational rhinestone hair accessories, like a sweeping bridal crown or an exotic spray that reminds you of the scattered stars in the night sky for your hair.

Add pearl and rhinestone buttons to clothing and buckles to shoes or evening clutches.

There really is no end to the way you can embellish everything in your wedding.