Cookie Bars Lend Themselves to Best Wedding Favor Boxes EVER

Now that you’re getting married, you’re probably getting a little bit overwhelmed. That’s a normal thing that a lot of brides experience. After all, you’ve got a dress to find invitations to order and a ton of other things to do, including figuring out what to feed your guests and what wedding favor boxes to select – as well as the wedding favors themselves.

You can’t leave out dessert, that’s for sure. But you can leave out the wedding cake, or at least have a very tiny one, opting instead for the next dessert trend. So what hot wedding trend is next?

You’ve loved those dessert bars of the past, and the 2017 trend that is capturing the hearts of brides and grooms as well as their guests is the cookie bar.

Who doesn’t love a homemade chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie, especially with that last cup of coffee or even a glass of milk. Even designer sugar cookies – think wedding shapes or shapes of objects representing your hobbies – can be a real treat not to be missed.

Best of all, the cookie bar can be married to wedding favor boxes. Keep your wedding favor boxes next to the bar so that guests can create their own take home packages. This allows guest to get exactly what they like, and it also frees you from much of the advance preparation in putting together wedding favors.

All you have to do is a little planning to make sure you order the right kind of wedding favor boxes.

A handmade modern box of cardboard can be just the right container for cookies. Imagine a sleek looking pillow box that will safely encapsulate a couple of cookies, protecting them until later. Provide small satin ribbons to gather the envelope flap and keep those cookies safe.

If the ribbons will be too much bother, you can go even simpler in your wedding favor box design with foldable pouches made of metallic laminated cardboard. These boxes come in gold or silver, and they assemble in seconds. Leave a couple of pre-done boxes at the cookie bar for you guests to see how the boxes fold together, and provide a stack of flat boxes for them to use.

When you sit out the flat boxes, do these two things. First flip over the box at the bottom of the stack so that the metallic side faces down. This protects the surface that will come in contact with food. Second, created a swirl of the stack, like bartenders do with napkins, so that your guests can easily pick up a single container.

Nothing could be simpler, more appreciated or tastier than wedding favor boxes with a few homemade cookies tucked inside for later.