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couture wedding invitations

Why DIY Invites Are Not as Good as Couture Wedding Invitations

When it comes to a wedding, every last detail is of the utmost importance. If you are on somewhat of a budget and you want to cut costs wherever you can, you might even consider creating your own wedding invites, rather than ordering couture invitations that you assume will cost a great deal. While this might seem like a good idea at first, it almost always turns out not to be.  Read More

Contemporary wedding venue

Wedding Venues to Consider When Traditional Isn’t Enough

The vows, the cake and the perfect time of year are all part of your dream wedding.

Finding the perfect venue may be a task that ranks almost as high as finding the perfect dress on this most important day, and the venue is perhaps one of the most important items to secure.

As soon as you have established your guest list and have an idea of the number of guests, select your location. While some brides and grooms prefer a traditional location, such as their church, there are also plenty of non-standard venues available that could be the perfect location for creating memories to last a lifetime.

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The days of white wedding invitations with silver embossed print are long behind us – unless you are a bride who loves sticking with tradition. Now, wedding invitations come in hundreds of styles, allowing a couple to express their unique union in any number of ways. With so many options it may seem like a job to try and zero in on one, which is why you should first decide which style wedding invitation best suits your personal style.

Luxury Wedding Invitation Boxes

Luxury Wedding Invitation Boxes

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Luxury Wedding Events & Invitations

Luxury Wedding Events

While the bride and groom are the center piece of a wedding, the guests are equally important. These are the people you care about so much that you want them to be a part of the biggest day of your life. When you are planning your wedding and choosing the right dress, shoes and tuxedos, don’t forget to add some special touches that let your guests know just how important they are to you.
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