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cushions and cushion covers

You’re Using the Wrong Cushions and Cushion Covers

Outstanding room design begins with a concept and finishes with the smallest of details that pull the complete look together. And yet it is often the small details that are most likely to be overlooked or left out altogether.

With the walls freshly painted, carpets rolled out, and furniture in place, it’s time to appoint the accent pieces that unite your overall design. A few candles, a bowl of fruit or other interesting objects and a few coffee table books hare staples in the decorating world, but don’t mistake the power of a great pillow.

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Thai silk bags

Silk Bags You’ll Never Say No To

Every perfect detail of your wedding is coming together. You picked out the most elegant wedding invitations, and they have been assembled, mailed, and acknowledged. You have the venue of your dreams, and your dress is inspirational.

The tiniest details are those that can be easily forgotten. By the time you do remember that you need a bag to carry with your wedding dress, it may be too late to come up with a solution. Instead, everything you need goes into a bridesmaid’s purse or your future husband’s pockets.

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Silk Shawls

Only A Thai Silk Shawl Will Do This

Wardrobe versatility gets no better than when you have a Thai silk shawl.

Sure, you can get synthetic silk, but it feels far less luxurious than the real thing. That faux silk shawl won’t lie right across your shoulders, either, and you may find yourself disappointed with the results when you try to fashion it as the opulent accessory you know it can be. Anything that falls short of the real deal is really no deal at all.

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Wedding Cosmetic Bags

Why Cosmetic Bags Are the Treat Your Bridesmaids Will Appreciate Most

You can count on the weeks before your being wedding being some of the most hectic times you will ever experience. It’s a good thing you have your bestie and even a few extra friends helping you with the planning and preparation for the biggest event yet: your wedding.

Your bridesmaids have to let you do some of the planning yourself, however, especially when it comes to their gifts.

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Wedding luxury favour bags

The Two Time Wedding Favor – Why You Should Be Using Luxury Favor Bags

With so much planning going into a wedding, from the invitations to the catering to the limo that whisks you away to your honey moon, it’s easy to forget the importance of your wedding favor. Yet, like your photographs, these are a lasting memory from your special day meant to thank your guests for being a part of it. Rather than bric-a-brac that will just gather dust make your favors make a statement by filling up silk luxury favor bags or invitation boxes with items they will use.

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