These May Just Be the Most Perfect Wedding Favors EVER

It’s tempting to skip over selecting wedding favors for your guests.

After all, you’ve got a wedding and a reception to plan, and there are costs to consider for both. You might not be on a budget, but for those who are, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too.

You can have a beautifully decorated wedding reception and still gift your guests with stunning wedding favors they’ll love.

Here’s how.

You’re going to want to set a beautiful table for your guests, so use your table decorations as wedding favors. Imagine long rows of tables where your guests will dine and converse with each other.

As each guest, takes his or her place at the resplendent table, they notice your choice of decorations and place settings, each accented by a luxurious cloth napkin fastened with an equally exquisite napkin ring holder.

The napkin ring holders are especially divine. Best of all, every guest gets to take home his or her napkin ring holder as a special memento from your wedding. These are your wedding favors.

The napkin ring holders you selected for your wedding reception are a divine way to bring your theme into focus, and you have plenty of choices when it comes to napkin ring holders.

You’ll discover simple elegance in pavé style rhinestone rings for your napkins. Available in silver or gold colored metal, these rings are reminiscent of the band around your finger symbolizing eternity.

Do you prefer pearls? Imagine three strands of pearls accented by a tiny bar of sparkling rhinestones, all wrapped around a linen napkin embroidered with your new monogram.

Napkins ring holders can be as ornate as you like, and some designs are patterned after designs found in nature, like the petals of a flower, or they are inspired by natural elements like cascading water. Some are crafted to represent symbolic creatures.

The starfish, for example, is a favorite design for weddings because this sea animal symbolizes transformation. It’s particularly appropriate to use in weddings because no other ceremony creates such transformation. The bride and groom become one as they begin a new life together.

The starfish is also appropriate for beachside weddings. A starfish luxury napkin ring holder plated in silver or gold and studded with rhinestones is sure to accent your fine napkins and table settings.

You also get to announce to your guests that they may take these napkin ring holders home to grace their own tables.

A symbolic napkin ring holder may just be the most perfect wedding favor EVER.