Creating the Ultimate in Wedding Favor Boxes

Using wedding favor boxes is one of the hottest trends for weddings in 2017, but don’t think you have to stop with a simple box.

Wedding favor boxes are so much more when you personalize them to your taste and style. With the right touch, these customized treats


Your wedding favors can set the tone of your celebration when they fit your style. If you’re looking for something casual, make sure the exterior of the box complements your theme.

For casual fun, try denim-covered wedding favor boxes. By selecting dark colored denim, you will create a look that is not only casual, but modern and fresh as well. The hand-crafted boxes with removable lids will accommodate a variety of treats that your guest will love.

Denim’s not your thing, but casual is? Try boxes covered with hemp or linen instead.


Say yes to a box with curves and round edges. You may think that all boxes are square, but they don’t have to be. Imagine a flat-bottomed box with sides that gently curve upward in an embrace.

They are an adorable shape that begs for cute ribbons to mark them as an ultimate gift.


Black and white always says formal best, and with the right wedding favor boxes, your guests will remember your formal wedding as a celebration of a lifetime.

You can also go glam with sumptuous silks. With nearly indefinite color choices available, it can be difficult to choose your favorite color, but a blush pink dupioni silk with pearl and rhinestone brooch is a lavish way to thank your guests for their help in celebrating your wedding.

The ultimate in favor boxes

Creating the ultimate in wedding favor boxes occurs when you allow your personality to inspire their design. Go beyond the boring box by covering it with the fabric of your choice, but don’t stop there.

If you are traditional, you can complete the design of your boxes by adding ribbons and charms appropriate to the setting of your wedding. A favorite used for more formal weddings, brooches create an air of elegance that is unmistakable. Some people prefer a simple bow made from ribbon.

For a more unconventional approach to creating unique boxes for your guests, try adding tags with your favorite quote about love or a few lines from your couples song. Affix a silk flower to the top of the box, or fasten the first letter of your new last name to each of the boxes.

When creating the ultimate wedding favor box, the object is to reveal your personality in the finished product. With a little help from the right manufacturer of premium boxes, you can do exactly that.