The Wedding Favors You Must Have for Your Beach Wedding

The season for destination beach weddings has arrived, and so have your beach wedding favor ideas.

You may have always dreamed of a glorious wedding right on the beach, with the waves lapping at your bare feet while you exchange vows with your loved one as you look at a sea of endless possibility before you and ahead in your life.

The people who are the very closest to you have come to help you celebrate this day and even enjoy a little vacation time with you.

Why not thanks them for taking the time to come all this way with you on your journey by presenting them with a small token of gratitude with wedding favors you carefully selected for them?

Because this is likely a smaller group of guests than you would have hosted back home, you can say yes to these tokens of appreciation as easily as you said yes to your fiance.

Because you likely won;t have time to shop at the local tourist market when you arrive at your destination, the gifts you select should be something small, ideally small enough to travel with. Ideally the wedding favors bags could fit into a small collapsible duffle suited for travel.

Not all the wedding favors have to be the same — let your guests pick the favor that best suits them. Keep the gifts small, useful, sand, sun and salt friendly with these thematic suggestions:

  • Sun screen to shield protect you from the elements
  • Bottle openers to always have a toast handy
  • Lip balm for kissable lips
  • Aloe Vera to soothe life’s pains
  • Floating keychain bobs for an unsinkable marriage
  • Cheap sunglasses that can get scratched up is the salt and sand — buy aviators and ask your guests to help you pilot a new course in your life.

The way to unify all these favors in a single theme is select a wedding favor bag that will work for every favor. Choose from cotton, jute or something more upscale like silk to package your tiny gifts. For your destination beach wedding, consider Cute Little Textile Favour Bags that take up little room and can be adorned with a “thank you” tag. A textile like natural jute works well for anything seaside.

Toss the band into sand buckets and let guests choose what kind of blessing they’ll be in helping you celebrate your wedding and newly married life.

Didn’t bring a bucket? No problem. Borrow a couple of ice buckets from your hotel rooms (put someone in your wedding party in charge of returning them!) or ask you destination wedding planner to help you out.

Then go have fun with your guests and your spouse!