Perfect Wedding Embellishments for a Summer Wedding

How can you easily and quickly create the right wedding theme?

One way to tie your wedding theme together with just the right panache is to add the right wedding embellishments to your handcrafted luxury wedding invitations, wedding favor bags and more.

The best wedding embellishments are those that capture the essence of your personality. The right embellishment creates a bespoke invitation, bag or adornment that makes your wedding unique – truly a standout from others.

Favorite wedding embellishments for summer include brooches and especially charms of pearl and rhinestone.

Seaside Specialties

There’s no better way to create a yearning for the beach and tropical weather than to hint about the redolent joys of sand, surf and sun than with wedding embellishments from the sea.

Suggest that safe travels are ahead with a silver starfish brooch. Each of the five arms curl as though moving fluidly across any obstacle. At 30mm in diameter, this silver-plated and rhinestone encrusted starfish is an eye-catching embellishment. Continue the theme with luxury napkin holders bearing the starfish; these adornments can also be wedding favors for your guests.

With rhinestones as clear as summer sun glinting off the ocean, something as whimsical as Seahorse Brooches can set the tone for bliss and contentment. These silver brooches are 17mm x 22 mm – just the perfect size to adorn an invitation.

Summer Creations

There’s plenty of summer action on land, too, so don’t forget about these other summer favorites for wedding embellishments.

Brooches like the Aquamarine and Lightrose Crystal Dragonfly bring you this delicate creature in blue and pink. The dragonfly symbolized transformation, so it’s an excellent symbol to include as an embellishment on your wedding invitation.

The summer is also full of butterflies, and the Silver Butterfly Crystal Brooch and the

Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hanger for Wedding Invitation Cards are the right touch for gossamer-fine elegance and beauty.

Light and Airy

You’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate your summer wedding other than seaside or animal embellishments. You can also incorporate stunning rhinestone brooches that are graciously light-hearted. Look for brooches that convey a sense of movement with big, sweeping designs and open, filigree spaces.

For example imagine a beautiful silver wedding brooch with a fluid bow and below it cascading ribbons of rhinestone. Other options could include a Golden Rose Brooch Wedding Embellishment or Orchid Flower Brooch that immortalizes each of these delicate blossoms.

You can find these gorgeous creations as well as other original designs for wedding embellishments at Dennis Wisser.

Don’t worry if your wedding isn’t in the summer. These wedding embellishments are the right choice for any destination wedding that takes you to the summerlike location of your dreams