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4 Reasons You NEED To Use Luxury Lace Invitations For Your Wedding Or Gala

If you have a very important event, such as a wedding or a gala party coming up, it’s important to send the right invitations. We know that event planners, wedding planners, and others can spend hours agonizing over invitations – how they should look, what they should say, and what materials to use.

Well, we’re here to help at Dennis Wisser. We offer luxury lace invitations that are suitable for just about every occasion – our highend invitations and boxed invitations are sure to turn heads, and make your event memorable.  Read More

Where To Buy Luxury Wedding Invitations Online?

Recently we have been working on this little video ad promoting our luxury wedding invitations online during autumn and winter season. We hope our clients enjoy it. 😉

Luxury wedding invitations

What Does Your Wedding Invitation Say About You?

Your wedding day is an extension of your own unique personality. Wedding invitations are the first step to setting the tone of the big day for your guests and offer you a perfect chance to tell everyone a little bit about you.

Boost Your Theme

These days it’s very common for a bride and groom to choose a theme for their wedding to follow. Some of the most popular themes right now include rustic chic, modern, vintage, and a farm theme. As well, many couples like to choose a theme for their wedding that relates to their favorite media or books – Shakespeare themes are always very popular.

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luxury wedding invitations

Completely Unique Luxury Wedding Invitations Are the Order of the Day

Here’s a secret: brides eager to design and plan their own weddings try to attend as many other weddings as possible for two reasons.

First, attending the wedding of friends and acquaintances creates good karma, because you want people to attend your wedding. Second, being a wedding guest is a great way to check out trends and traditions you might want to consider for your own wedding.

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luxury wedding invitations

Make the Most of Symbolism in Your Luxury Invitations

You hope your luxury wedding invitation is the most important mail your guest will receive. A magnificent invitation is the first impression your guests will have of the event you’ve planned, whether it’s a gala, a special event or your wedding.

For maximum impact when your invitation arrives, you’ll want to make sure that you have incorporated the right symbolism in your design.

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Second Time Wedding

Making Life Better the Second Time Around With a Wedding Planner

Once upon a time, you planned an elaborate wedding with all the regalia of a queen. The entourage, the nuptials and the celebrations were truly top-notch. Unfortunately, the marriage was not.

So you started over.

Now you are ready to commit a second time, this time for real. With the true love of your life by your side, you face planning the most important day of your life, again.

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The days of white wedding invitations with silver embossed print are long behind us – unless you are a bride who loves sticking with tradition. Now, wedding invitations come in hundreds of styles, allowing a couple to express their unique union in any number of ways. With so many options it may seem like a job to try and zero in on one, which is why you should first decide which style wedding invitation best suits your personal style.

Luxury Wedding Invitation Boxes

Luxury Wedding Invitation Boxes

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