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You Need This Wedding Favor Box

Summer lies ahead. With summer comes long days full of sunshine, bright blue skies and warmer temperatures. Much, much warmer temperatures.

If you decide on an outdoor wedding and reception, keep in mind that not all of your guests appreciate balmy days the way you do. And even if they do love them, they are not going to love when the gentle stops and the heats descends on them.

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Wedding Favor Boxes

Creating the Ultimate in Wedding Favor Boxes

Using wedding favor boxes is one of the hottest trends for weddings in 2017, but don’t think you have to stop with a simple box.

Wedding favor boxes are so much more when you personalize them to your taste and style. With the right touch, these customized treats


Your wedding favors can set the tone of your celebration when they fit your style. If you’re looking for something casual, make sure the exterior of the box complements your theme.

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Wedding Favor boxes

Cookie Bars Lend Themselves to Best Wedding Favor Boxes EVER

Now that you’re getting married, you’re probably getting a little bit overwhelmed. That’s a normal thing that a lot of brides experience. After all, you’ve got a dress to find invitations to order and a ton of other things to do, including figuring out what to feed your guests and what wedding favor boxes to select – as well as the wedding favors themselves.

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wedding favor boxes

Special Events in Your Life That Need Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are for more than just weddings; they are for all the special events in your life.

Guests adore the thoughtfulness of a tiny gift when they participate in an event, whether it be your nuptials, an elaborate fundraising gala or a simple brunch.

If you used Favor boxes for your wedding, you know how much fun it is to plan and coordinate the design of the box and its contents with the theme of your celebration. Consider these additional times when gifting your guests is appropriate and appreciated.

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