Make the Most of Symbolism in Your Luxury Invitations

You hope your luxury wedding invitation is the most important mail your guest will receive. A magnificent invitation is the first impression your guests will have of the event you’ve planned, whether it’s a gala, a special event or your wedding.

For maximum impact when your invitation arrives, you’ll want to make sure that you have incorporated the right symbolism in your design.


Luxury wedding invitations have earned a respected status for galas, and rightfully so. You can use a professional symbol, such as the caduceus for an event that gathers medical professionals or the Greek comedy/tragedy masks for patrons of the arts.

Whether you are inviting the glitterati or special donors, you’ll want to elevate the gala’s theme with symbols like these:

  • Nautilus – The chambers of this shell represent growth; the nautilus grows bigger with each newly developed chamber, and although the shell carries the smaller chambers from its past, it cannot go backward to live in them.
  • Flame – A simple flame, from the light of a single candle to a bonfire that burns brightly, suggest inspiration, passion, respect and even purification.
  • Mask – Often associated with mystery and deception, the mask also invites people to explore a hidden aspect of their inner psyches.

Special Events

You have moments in your own life that you’ll want to mark by inviting guests to share in your celebrations, and luxury wedding invitations will set the tone.

Consider these symbols for your special events:

  • Toasting glasses – Originally, the toast was a measure of good faith and ensuring that no glass had been tainted with poison, which is why toasters heartily clinked their glass against another’s. Today toasting symbolized bountiful blessings.
  • Baby rattles – Meant to amuse a baby, the baby rattle’s noise also sends evil spirits packing, and it’s a symbol of independence in Native american culture.
  • Two empty chairs, seen from the back – This symbol is most effective when the chairs face a beautiful, tranquil horizon, and they symbolize retirement and the idea of rewarding a lifetime of work.


Perhaps one of the most important days of your life, your wedding deserves luxury wedding invitations that symbolize who you really are.

Common symbols found on wedding invitations include:

  • Rings – There is no start and no finish to a ring, which symbolizes eternity.
  • Posies and bouquets of flowers – Although the flowers themselves symbolize fertility, the ribbon tying them into a bunch symbolizes a lover’s knot.
  • Lace – The veil that decorates an invitation is reminiscent of the bridal veil, which was thought to ward off evil as it masked the brides’s face from her future husband.
  • Birds – Doves represent unconditional love, and swans symbolize a union that is meant to last a lifetime.

A magnificent luxury wedding invitation, especially when it’s hand-delivered, will entice your guests to save the date and share in commemorating an occasion that is truly special. Using the right symbolism in the design makes it all the more significant.