Making Life Better the Second Time Around With a Wedding Planner

Once upon a time, you planned an elaborate wedding with all the regalia of a queen. The entourage, the nuptials and the celebrations were truly top-notch. Unfortunately, the marriage was not.

So you started over.

Now you are ready to commit a second time, this time for real. With the true love of your life by your side, you face planning the most important day of your life, again.

At one time, convention dictated that a second wedding was not to be as grand as a first wedding. Thankfully, convention today may have little to do with your choice for your second wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony and reception can be as simple and low key or as magnificent and grand as you wish.

And with remarriages, why not? Today’s couples tend to be dynamic partners who also each have professional lives. You both make good money, and know exactly how you want to spend it; the problem is that you are always busy. You and your future spouse may want to enlist the services of a wedding planner to assist you with organizing the details around your important day.

Whether you opt for a simple civil service and drinks afterward or you want the elaborate wedding complete with luxury wedding invitations made of silk and decorated with satin ribbon, a wedding planner can help you remember all details – and get them done.

Of course, since you have already done this once before, you may be tempted to handle all of the arrangements yourself, even though doing so will take up what little precious time you do have left in your week. Wouldn’t you rather have someone handle the logistics for you? The best part about having your wedding planner handle all the logistics is that the service frees up your time for other things, including family and your career.

When you meet with your planner, you may know already exactly how involved you what to be in this second round. Having a clear picture of your level of engagement will help your wedding planner meet your needs as you delegate tasks for her or him. Let your planner schedule your tastings and offer ideas for you to check out bands or DJs. Treat these opportunities as dates nights, where the two of you can be curious and explore possibilities.

Your planner already knows great photographers and florists, can recommend the right caterers, and will book not only your venue but also your honeymoon. Or your planner will make dinner reservations after the ceremony for your small party if that’s what you choose.

Regardless of how and when and when you decide to marry the second time, remember that it’s the marriage that matters most, but have all the fun you can at the ceremony. You have no one to please but yourselves this time. After all, it’s your wedding!