Completely Unique Luxury Wedding Invitations Are the Order of the Day

Here’s a secret: brides eager to design and plan their own weddings try to attend as many other weddings as possible for two reasons.

First, attending the wedding of friends and acquaintances creates good karma, because you want people to attend your wedding. Second, being a wedding guest is a great way to check out trends and traditions you might want to consider for your own wedding.

You may have noticed the first of these trends as they appear in your mailbox or are delivered to your door. We’re talking about unique luxury wedding invitations. If you’re getting married in the near future, you’ve likely scrutinized every invitation you’ve received, evaluating whether this font is also your style or if you could also pull off that fabric covering for your wedding invitations – or would you be perceived as a copycat?

Although imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, the last thing you want for your luxury wedding invitations is to replicate someone else’s taste and style.

You don’t have to, with unique luxury wedding invitations from Dennis Wisser. Your invitations can be completely customized to suit your personality and design requirements, and the options are virtually endless.


Choose from some of the finest silks, taffetas, velvets and linens in the world to cover your luxury wedding invitation folios, insert cards, envelopes, boxes and more. These fabrics have been woven according to rigorous standards that ensure you will get a quality product of which to be proud.

Not only do you have a choice on the fabric covering, but you’ll choose the exact color you’ve set your heart on for your wedding invitations.

From there, it’s all about the personalization.


When it’s time to personalize your luxury wedding invitations, your uniqueness will really shine, in the form of satin and jewels.


We recommend that you begin with wide satin ribbon to give your invitation boxes a finished and professional look, much the way you’d wrap a present before giving it to someone.

You’ll want to top off that ribbon, not with a bow, but with a specialty rhinestone brooch. Your brooch can be set with crystal clear rhinestones or with those with fiery, jewel-like colors, a hot trend for the upcoming wedding season. Pearls are especially appropriate for a wedding invitation clasp.

If rhinestones and pearls aren’t your style — or you’ve seen them done at the last several weddings you’ve been to, consider having each invitation box monogrammed. It’s one of the best ways to make your luxury wedding invitations truly unique.
The best invitations you can send to your guests are the ones that are uniquely you. They are the order of the day.