What Does Your Wedding Invitation Say About You?

Your wedding day is an extension of your own unique personality. Wedding invitations are the first step to setting the tone of the big day for your guests and offer you a perfect chance to tell everyone a little bit about you.

Boost Your Theme

These days it’s very common for a bride and groom to choose a theme for their wedding to follow. Some of the most popular themes right now include rustic chic, modern, vintage, and a farm theme. As well, many couples like to choose a theme for their wedding that relates to their favorite media or books – Shakespeare themes are always very popular.

A luxury wedding invitation is the perfect option to add to your theme. A wedding invite inside of a silk envelope is a classy invitation that would pair perfectly with a vintage themed wedding. As soon as your guests hold the invite in their hands, they will begin imagining what your big day will look like. The right invitation can create a vision inside the mind of your guests and get their imaginations running.

Offer a Gift

Usually the wedding favors are left until the end of the evening. However, a lot of couples are choosing to put a small gift inside their wedding invitations that helps get people excited for the day. These gifts are often inexpensive but go a long way in setting your invite apart from the rest.

If you want to include a gift with your luxury wedding invitations there are a few things to consider. First, the size of your invitation will have to suit the gift. Wedding invitation boxes are a great way to accommodate a small gift. Next, you should choose a gift that ties into the day of the wedding in some way. This could include a gift that follows along with the theme of the big day or a gift that relates to the venue. For example, a wedding with a Shakespeare theme would pair perfectly with a ornament that bears the couple’s favorite Shakespeare quote. These small gifts don’t have to be complicated but can go a long way in setting the tone of the day.

Choosing a Font

The font used on luxury wedding invitations is often overlooked but one of the most important design elements. The type of font can say a lot about couple, the type of wedding, and the style of the day. For example, a script font is the perfect font for a classy, traditional wedding. A clean, simple font would be a better choice for a modern wedding theme. The font tells the guests what kind of day to expect with the bride and groom. Will it be fun and playful or more of a classy, traditional kind of day?

Set The Tone

No matter what kind of theme, decorations, music, and food you plan to incorporate into your big day; a wedding invitation is the best way to begin setting the tone for your guests. Make your luxury wedding invitations an extension of your own style and passions.