Black and White Luxury Wedding Invitation Folios Create Style

Look at current trends, and you’ll see a variety of glamorous styles. Metallic glam and rich gemstone colors dominate celebration themes now, and muted pastels are sure to make a strong comeback.

Trends come and go, but the one style that never goes out of style is black and white.

Black and white is a classic pairing that speaks of elegance, formality and real class. These two colors provide a traditional background that can’t be beat. They are the perfect foundation for your wedding invitations.

Black and white luxury wedding invitation folios offer formal elegance that is always in style. They are the perfect vehicle for presentation of your invitation because they demand black tie dress, which means tuxedos for men and long, glamorous dresses for women.

Women have considerable latitude in how to interpret formal black tie wear. They can wear black or white, or they can add accents that come alive against the neutrality of black and white. Imagine the contrast of shimmery metallics or rich jewel tones against the background of black and white.

This same design can be applied to luxury wedding invitation folios.

Opening a pocket folder design offers a sense of anticipation among your guests. That’s because they will hold in their hands a design that is both exclusive and elegant. Imagine a folio covered in exotic black silk and finished with a luxurious oversized white satin ribbon. The folio fastens with a rhinestone brooch wrought in gold metal. This black and white luxury wedding invitation folio design represents a luxury high end style preferred by those with sophisticated tastes.

The same luxury wedding invitation folio can be created in white silk and embellished with a single simple satin ribbon, again finished with a rhinestone clasp.

Regardless of the folio you choose, black and white can provide the elegant background you need to accent what you love. Black and white sets off metallic accents, and it’s the right contrasting foundation for a single pop of rich color, like rose red, fuschia or Mediterranean turquoise.

The beauty of black and white is that this one color combination can stand on its own or serve as a strong background for the color of your choice.

Black and white luxury wedding invitation folios have always been a favorite classic combination among those who love true formal elegance. They are also the de rigeur choice for gala events, your wedding and more.