Timeless Winter White Bespoke Wedding Invitations

There’s no more perfect time for white than a wedding, and no better season for a flurry of bespoke wedding invitations than the winter.

It’s easy to love wearing white and decorating with it in the winter because no other color lends itself so well to the season. For the most remarkable use of winter white in your bespoke wedding invitations, you’ll have to take two things into consideration.

First of all, white is rarely white.

Because white is really the presence of all colors combined, it fall into one of two camps — cool or warm. The blue whites are tones of white that give off a bluish tint. These include crisp, clean shades of white like diamond, snow and crystal.

Warm whites are softer versions of this hue, and they seem to almost glow. Think in shades of white that include oyster, bisque, cream, eggshell, alabaster, and cream.

Your wedding dress likely falls into one of these two categories, either a pristine, cool white or candle light warm white. Which one you prefer is likely a matter of personal preference, and neither hue is better or worse than the other; it’s just a starting point for everything else.

Second, the best way to pull off the winter white look in your bespoke wedding invitations is to create layers of white and texture.

Create a wedding invitation that is tone on tone by limiting yourself to either the cool whites or the warm whites. The singular consistency in color creates a formal and structured look for your invitations.

If you want something more informal, or you like an eclectic approach for your bespoke wedding invitations, consider mixing the tones. For example, cover your wedding invitation folios with a luscious crystal-white velvet fabric and create a layer of visual interest by fastening a cream colored lace ribbon around the folio and embellishing it with a rhinestone brooch. The cool-warm-cool tones will delight the eye and stimulate the senses.

You can also use lace, laser cuts and feathers to create texture and layer your shades of white.

The layering of hues in one singular color like white can create a trendy look that is every bit as sophisticated as tone-on-tone styles of luxury wedding invitations. Accessorize your color scheme with silver, gold, or the ever popular rose gold for a look that is complete.
When you are ready to create your personalized invitations, begin with your favorite shade of white. This winter season, announce your wedding with bespoke wedding invitations in winter white.