Use Family Brooches and New Brooches to Make Your Day Extra Special

Brooches are quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding trends for women to incorporate into their special day. Everything from ornaments, to wedding favors, and, yes, even to wear – brooches are back in style this wedding season. Using family brooches combined with new brooches can add a personal touch to your wedding day and show off your own unique style. Here are a few ideas to consider as your wedding day approaches.

Ask For Family Brooches

Brooches are often passed down as cherished family heirlooms. It’s less common for young women to buy brooches these days but incorporating brooches from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends can add a very special family touch to the entire wedding day. If you plan to use family brooches you may want to make sure that they are used in a way that won’t render them unusable after the big day. Your family members may want these back or you may want to keep them in a safe place to remember your wedding and the help you received from the many women in your life. For projects where family brooches may not be appropriate, there are brooches you can purchase new that won’t be sorely missed if they happen to be lost during the activities of your wedding day.

Brooches on Your Invitations

Embellishing your luxury wedding invitations with beautiful rhinestone brooches is a sure way to make your invitations stand out. A brooch pairs perfectly with silk wedding envelopes to seal them shut and add a touch of class. A brooch could also be used inside a wedding box invitation as a small gift or keepsake. Again, the use of a brooch in a wedding box invitation will also help make your invitations stand out. The brooch embellishment or keepsake also helps set the tone for your wedding day. If you are planning a traditional, classy event; a brooch will help solidify that feeling in the minds of your guests.

Brooch Bouquet

Many brides are choosing to forego the traditional flower bouquet for a brooch bouquet made with a combination of family brooches and brooches bought to fill out the bouquet. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration if you think a brooch bouquet would be a great piece to have on your wedding day. Best of all, a brooch bouquet can be kept forever, unlike a flower bouquet.

Let Your Unique Style Flow

Brooches are making a comeback thanks to weddings. Their popularity as a fashion item isn’t as strong as it once was, but brooches make the perfect embellishment to add to a wide range of aspects of your wedding day. From that initial invitation, to wedding favors, to the bouquet that will appear in many of the photos of your special day – family brooches combined with new brooches are a unique, elegant way to show off your sense of style. Best of all, using brooches allows you to use cherished family heirlooms and, in the case of using new brooches, begin creating new family heirlooms.