The Heritage of Scroll Invitation Boxes

Certain events in a person’s life are celebrated with established customs and traditions. Often these traditions have been handed down through each generation.  Some span eras of time.

You’ve likely heard the wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Every bride looks for something new to carry forward. What she might not realize is that she is carrying her family’s history forward. A family tradition, such as wearing a special pair of earrings or carrying the family Bible is a way to remember and honor the choices of those who walked your same path.

No wonder that many people have an affinity for scroll invitations and the invitation boxes to keep them safe.  

Scrolls were our first written — and easily portable — communications with each other. Writing on a scroll was far quicker than chiseling in stone, and more convenient as well. Unfortunately, like any prototype, those early scrolls were incredibly expensive. Papyrus didn’t exactly grow on trees, as they say. It grew along the river banks and had to be treated before being into service as the paper on a scroll.

That meant that a scroll could be speared for only the most critical communications. Usually historical documents, the scrolls marked events of great importance and then they were stored aways for safekeeping, unusually on a shelf or table. There was no such thing as an invitation box.

During the Renaissance, scrolls became highly popular. Having an announcement written on a scroll meant you were important, and that scroll was a distinction.

Today scroll invitations and their invitation boxes are still distinct. Many people like them because they indicate that the wedding or quince or baptism is a significant passage in the celebrant’s life.

Rightly so, too, because these special occasions come only once in a lifetime. A scroll invitation should reflect the celebrants’ taste and style, and then the invitation boxes for them should be sturdy enough to protect the invitation, but also appealing to look at hold in your hands. Like other more standard invitation boxes, you’ll want to cover them with luxurious fabric and embellish them with trim that captures the importance of your special day.

Using scroll invitation boxes for for your next big event is a matter of personal taste and style. If you’re a history buff, you may well like the heritage and symbolism behind using a scroll invitation and the invitation boxes designed to hold them.

You’ll make an impression that will survive the ages. Your tradition may even be handed down through future generations. That’s quite a legacy.