This Is How Outdoors Wedding Boxes Set the Tone

Believe it or not, some people spend less than 10% of their time outdoors. What with working in offices, commuting in either personal or public transportation vehicles, less little chance to catch a breath of fresh air, much less enjoy it.

Busy lives have been made all the busier with the computers that were supposed to reduce your work schedule and allow you more outdoor time in the first place. Instead, if you’re like most people, you get your outdoor time in by walking from building to building.

No wonder so many people look for every opportunity to maximize their connection to the outdoors and with nature. You too may be yearning for a chance to reconnect with nature, even if it’s only at your wedding.

The outdoorsy, natural look is a wedding favorite. Just being outdoors can help you  feel great and combined with the natural colors, you are setting yourself up to enjoy plenty of endorphins.

Green is a harmonious color that often helps people relax. It reduces stress — think how many spas use green in their environment — and suggest new beginning. Green lends itself well to weddings. You have new beginnings. You certainly could use less stress.

Set the outdoorsy tone early with the right wedding boxes.

An outdoorsy wedding box doesn’t have to be carved out of bark to give your guests the feel of the great outdoors. It just needs to suggest the outdoors.

Create the power of the outdoors and be a part of the hottest trend in wedding invitations by opting for natural-looking wedding boxes. Take a plain cardboard wedding box, and stamp stencils of leaves or fern fronds on the outside. You’ll find rubber stamps and an array of colored inks just for this purpose.

If you want something a little less casual, consider covering your wedding boxes with a natural rather than synthetic fabric. Silk lends itself well to this endeavor because silk is simultaneously elegant and organic. Chose a neutral color such as tan or dark bisque, and accent the wedding box with a sage, evergreen or spruce colored ribbon. Another option is to select a bone-colored ribbon and attach a piece of silk greenery above the ribbon and behind the clasp.

Wedding boxes are the first image your guests will have of your and your upcoming wedding. Beginning with the right outdoorsy wedding box can suggest the ease and pleasantness your wedding celebration will be, especially if you have it outdoors.

You’re giving your guests something special to look forward to — time with you and the great outdoors as you mark your marriage. You know it’s going to be good.