You’re Using the Wrong Cushions and Cushion Covers

Outstanding room design begins with a concept and finishes with the smallest of details that pull the complete look together. And yet it is often the small details that are most likely to be overlooked or left out altogether.

With the walls freshly painted, carpets rolled out, and furniture in place, it’s time to appoint the accent pieces that unite your overall design. A few candles, a bowl of fruit or other interesting objects and a few coffee table books hare staples in the decorating world, but don’t mistake the power of a great pillow.

Accenting with luxurious cushions and cushion covers are the easiest way to complete any decorating theme. It’s also the quickest and often most inexpensive way to freshen up a look or change appearances for every season.

Switch the color of your cushions or cushion covers according to the season, opting for lighter colored pillows with less trim for the spring and summer and boldly colored pillow with sashes and other embellishments for the autumn and winter months, especially during the holidays. Regardless of color and style, you must always stay true to the one design mantra that will define you: select premium natural fabrics.

Use the right cushions and cushion covers. Savvy consumers prefer premium materials like 100% taffeta, Thai or dupioni silk for their accent pillows and pillow cases. These organic and natural fabrics give a room a polished look and attest to your sense of style, sustainability and good taste.

There’s another reason to use silk cushions and cushion covers, and it has nothing to do with the decor of your room. It has everything to with how you look, not your surroundings.

Sleep on the highest quality silk pillowcase your budget will allow for the best night’s sleep possible, and two things with happen almost immediately.

You’ll notice an improvement in the texture of your hair and in the skin on your face. Silk tames the frizzies you experience if you have super thick or wavy hair because silk does not create the static friction you can experience sleeping on cotton or other fabrics. You’ll wake up with better looking and healthier hair if you sleep on silk.

That’s not the only thing that’s going to look better.

Your face will look better, too. Silk remains cool to the touch while you’re a sleep, but it won’t block your pores (fewer breakouts), nor will you get sleep wrinkles from your pillowcase.

Just think, even if you nod off for a quick nap in your new living room, those silk pillows will do the same trick for you, and you’ll awaken looking refreshed and rejuvenated, like your new room, thanks to 100% silk cushions and cushion covers.