Silk Bags You’ll Never Say No To

Every perfect detail of your wedding is coming together. You picked out the most elegant wedding invitations, and they have been assembled, mailed, and acknowledged. You have the venue of your dreams, and your dress is inspirational.

The tiniest details are those that can be easily forgotten. By the time you do remember that you need a bag to carry with your wedding dress, it may be too late to come up with a solution. Instead, everything you need goes into a bridesmaid’s purse or your future husband’s pockets.

Perhaps you have already figured out that you need something for your necessities on the big day, but you haven;t found anything that will work for you. Most purses are too large, and they’ll pull the focus away from your dress. Other bags are simply not the right style. They are too dated or too pretentious.

You need something pretty but unaffected.

An ivory wedding pouch embellished with pearls is a silk bag you’ll never say no to. These taffeta bags are tiny bon mots of good taste and style. You will find them to be a perfect solution for the small things you need to carry at your wedding.

The bag is small enough too be unobtrusive and yet big enough to carry everything you need. It’s a delicate touch that’s right for just this moment in your life.

Your lipstick, a small comb or brush and other necessities will fit in this silk bag. The hand placed pearls add classic luxury and style to the taffeta fabric, which is just stiff enough to mask its contents and yet still be soft to the touch, like carrying a tiny pouf of cloud.

These beautiful silk bags with the drawstrings can be purchased in a variety of colors including pastels and neutrals. Embellishments other than pearls can be sewn onto the bag or bags you choose.

The options available to you make bags like these a necessity for every bride, and they also make a great wedding party gifts. In fact, these bags are also great wedding favorite pouches.

If taffeta and pearls are not really your thing, you have plenty of other options in silk bags, including colors with contrasting piping at the top opening can being eye-catching bag to carry with your impressive dress. Don’t worry that the bag maybe too small because you can have it custom made in a larger size. For real style, have your silk bags embroidered.

The only thing holding you back is your creativity.