Why Cosmetic Bags Are the Treat Your Bridesmaids Will Appreciate Most

You can count on the weeks before your being wedding being some of the most hectic times you will ever experience. It’s a good thing you have your bestie and even a few extra friends helping you with the planning and preparation for the biggest event yet: your wedding.

Your bridesmaids have to let you do some of the planning yourself, however, especially when it comes to their gifts.

Personalized Exterior

Whether you choose silk or velvet cosmetic bags for their luxuriousness, cotton for practicality or hemp for strength and durability, the bags can be customized with embroidery, monograms and even labels.

You can also select the closure you want; choose from envelope style bags or bags that zip shut.

Personalized Contents

It’s rare these days when the bride gives everyone the same bridesmaid gift. Most of the gifts have been individualized for each bridesmaid; doing so says you know your friends extremely well and value them for uniqueness.

That’s why you should personalize the contents of their cosmetic bags, and here’s how for each type of bridesmaid:

  • The Bookworm: If your bridesmaid always carries a book – a real one – wherever she goes, you might place a bookmark in her bag, along with a gift certificate for more reading material.
  • The Connoisseur: For this favorite bridesmaid, try exotic chocolates and a split of wine.
  • The Eclectic: Fill the bag for this bridesmaid with miniature samples of . . . everything! Whether she loves perfume, eye shadow or hot sauce, you can find a sampling that will delight her senses.
  • The Fashionista: Your style-savvy bridesmaid would appreciate jewelry reflecting the latest fashion, and the cosmetic bag is the right size for that bracelet or necklace you know she’d love to wear.
  • The Pamperer: Give this bridesmaid some real R&R with a scented candle, handmade soaps and even a sleep mask.
  • The Social Butterfly: Add a unique or personalized iPhone case or drop in a tremendous pair of earphones so she won’t miss a word of any conversation.
  • The Sports Enthusiast: This bridesmaid may enjoy two tickets to a favorite sporting event.

Reusable Bags

What makes cosmetic bags so perfect for gift-giving is that they are really two gifts in one. They are an exquisite way to package and present your gift for your bridesmaids, and they can be used time and time again.

Cosmetic bags serve a variety of purposes other than holding make-up in one place. Cosmetic bags are handy for keeping lingerie in one place, holding all those bottles of nail polish, they are even perfect for your cosmetics.

Affordable? Absolutely. Cherished? Of course.

Celebrating your new married life is a memorable moment for everyone; getting a personalized bridesmaid gift is icing on the wedding cake!