Only A Thai Silk Shawl Will Do This

Wardrobe versatility gets no better than when you have a Thai silk shawl.

Sure, you can get synthetic silk, but it feels far less luxurious than the real thing. That faux silk shawl won’t lie right across your shoulders, either, and you may find yourself disappointed with the results when you try to fashion it as the opulent accessory you know it can be. Anything that falls short of the real deal is really no deal at all.

A genuine Thai silk shawl will serve as the most versatile accessory you have because it can dress up a simple black dress, cover up the shoulders revealed by strapless dresses and protect you from the evening’s chill. It is a constant accessory in any season.

Wear your silk shawl draped across your bodice with the ends cascading down your back or turn it around and toss one end over your shoulder, pinning the shawl in place with a sophisticated brooch.  Whether you wear your shawl as a shoulder drape or tied in an elegant weave, you will present yourself with a look of élan.

Of course, your shawl can be worn and carried other ways, too.

Silk is lightweight enough to be worn as a hat band on a summer straw hat, and you can tie it as an elegant headband as well. Tie your shawl around your waist, cover your décolletage or use your shawl over your hair when the wind tries to blow your hair out of place.

Create a loop with your silk shawl and fasten it to one handle of your shopping tote; lay the loose ends on top of the bag’s contents to hide your purchases, but be sure to flash the rich color of the silk. You likely won’t mix up your tote for another.

Only an authentic Thai silk shawl will have the weave pattern striations and rich colors you’d expect from natural fibers. Shawls with this bumpier weave are known as Dupioni silk, but it’s possible to get nearly smooth shawls, too. These exotic beauties come mainly from Thailand’s Khorat Plateau, which is home to the silkworms who produce the precious silk fibers.

Every shawl is woven from the best silk spun by hundreds of thousands of silkworms munching happily on verdant mulberry leaves and producing cocoons of gossamer fine silk, the kind that reflects light, creating a shimmering look as exquisite and airy as a baked meringue kiss.

Both silk and taffeta shawls make excellent gifts for women and men. It may surprise you to know that as ethereal as this fabric feels against your skin, a Thai silk shawl can become an heirloom piece that can be passed on for many generations. These shawls often become treasured gifts.

When you want to wrap yourself in real luxury, opt for a Thai silk shawl. You’ll have an accessory that is as unique and splendid as you are.