How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitations

How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Invitations are a key component of any wedding ceremony. Not only do invitations tell people what to expect of the day’s schedule, but it gives them an idea of the theme and style of the event.

To create the perfect wedding invitations for your special day, there are some important components to consider. These factors will help to excite people about your special day and give them a little look into the personality and style of the couple-to-be.

Wedding Style

Your invitations are the first clue into how your wedding day will look. Guests can often recognize the style of a wedding, based on the format of a wedding invitation.

Luxury wedding invitations tell guests that the event is going to be formal. This can help them decide what to wear and how to prep for the event. A more casual wedding invitation might suggest a laid-back or outdoor wedding that requires less formal attire.

It will be helpful to decide what kind of wedding you’re having before you choose your wedding invitation. This will be the inspiration for the wedding invites you go with.


Color Scheme

Lots of weddings have a color scheme, which can be seen throughout the venue, decor, and attire. If you want, you can also incorporate your color scheme into the invitations as well!

In addition to this, you might also want to carry the color scheme through the rest of your custom stationery. Items like the menu and ceremony program can also have the same colors to make everything uniform.


Traditional or Modern

After you’ve chosen details like colors and font, you can decide the shape of your invitations. While a rectangular card is the most popular shape, some couples are going with modern shapes that add another dimension to the invitation.

Square, round, and scalloped invitations are all gaining in popularity. The custom shapes suggest a more modern flair to a wedding, as opposed to the traditional style. If you’ve got a unique wedding planned out, this might be a great idea.


The Envelope

Traditional wedding invitations come in envelopes, but there are lots of new ways to deliver the exciting news to your guests! Items like wedding invitation boxes are a fun way to surprise your loved ones, as they open up a uniquely-designed box to find their invite!

Not only will they be impressed with your unique way of presenting their invite, but they’ll also have an idea of all the fun they can expect at the actual event.


Reflecting the Couple

Whether you’re working with casual invites or luxury wedding invitations, these important items set the tone for your wedding day. Choose a design that reflects who you are as a couple, and which gives guests a look into the fun they can expect on your big day.

Have fun with your design, and don’t be afraid to get creative! It’s your special day, after all!

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