Why High End Invitations Are Better Than E-vites

Whether you are getting married, Baptizing the baby, or celebrating your retirement, you’ve probably wondered if you should use e-vites or go with the high end invitation. They’ve that have their place in the world celebrations; It just depends what kind of celebration like to have.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


The E-vite is a quick an inexpensive way to reach a lot people instantly. It’s tempting just want to save the world by cutting down fewer trees for your high end invitations.

Many people like using an electronic invitations because they can pick up artwork and illustrations that are luxurious to look at. Setting up the template for the invitation wording is quick and simple to do. There’s no stuffing envelopes with invitations and inserts, No postage And no hassle.

The challenge with the electronic invitation however, Is that most people do not respond to electronic invitations.  It’s likely that you’re going to want an RSVP, and yet nearly 40% of you’re invited guests will not send a reply.

There could be several reasons for this. First as hard as it is to believe, Not everyone is electronically savvy.  Second because there is no physical document about the event,  people tend to forget.  Third, electronic invitations are so convenient to use,  that you may be tempted to send out the invitations later then you would send out paper invitations, and your guests have already made other plans for that date.

High End Invitations

Send high end invitations for that special event in your life, and you can expect an 83% return rate for your RSVPs. That’s because a physical invitation has become so rare that receiving  one indicates but the importance of the celebration and the significance of the guest who receives it.

High end invitations deliver a powerful message. They tell the guests that you have marked this occasion as a special one. In turn, every invitee will consider honored to be included as part of the festivities.

These invitations also serve as a keepsake.  Your mom isn’t going to archive the e-vite you sent her for your wedding or for your child’s baptism.

She’s going to want the physical invitation as a memento of the day. It’s likely that you’ll feel the same way.  Special celebrations require special invitations. There’s something about holding the invitation in your hands for that special event in your life. The luxurious high end invitation high will also look much better than the e-vite you printed up.

E-vites have their place, but high end invitations are a first class choice for first class celebrations.