3 Wedding Invitation Trends You’ll Love Seeing This Year

Designing the perfect wedding invitation is easy.  All you have to do is follow some of the hottest invitation trends this year and pick out the one that suits you best.

Our three top picks include gold foil, alternative materials and fun fonts.

Gold foil

Simple printing has never been in fashion. Back in the day, brides agonized over whether to engrave or emboss their wedding invitations.  Trendy brides today have moved beyond the black print on white card stock, and now they want gold foil. Gold still remains one of the hottest wedding colors of the year.

You’ll find gold in the wedding décor as well as other intriguing places, such as on the wedding cake, the bride’s shoes and even in invitation embellishments. So why wouldn’t you want gold on the invitation itself? The best way to get that Midas touch is to go with the gold foil. It’s glam and fresh, and totally trendy.

Take your gold to the next level by incorporating rose gold, which still hasn’t lost its appeal.

Nontraditional materials            

Are you tired of seeing the same old plain paper invitations? Does lace leave you longing for something else? Is paper passé?

If you are a non-traditional couple, you may one nontraditional wedding invitations. Many couples this year have found creative ways to use alternative materials for their invitations. Here are just a few:

Wood – Print your invitation on a piece of thin wood (like balsa) or on a thin slice of tree trunk (leave the bark on the edges) for a natural feeling and looking invitation. This is the perfect medium for an outdoor wedding with a casual style.

Plexiglass (or glass) – If a little city glam is more your style, you can have your invitation printed on a block or cube of plexiglass. These invites can also be used as a paperweight.

Balloons – who doesn’t love balloons? Lighthearted fun abounds with invitations printed on a balloon. Leave it to the invitee to blow up the balloon to read what it says.

Scratch offs – you can create your own scratch off ticket as an invitation by painting over the month, the day and the time of your wedding. Include a special coin for invitees to scratch off the three lucky numbers.

Pop up cards – the specialty cards are becoming all the rage because they can be created as a bespoke wedding invitations that are unique to each couple. Guests loved getting these whimsical cards.

Fun fonts

Regardless of the material you use for your wedding invitations, You’re going to want to play with fun fonts. Good days have come and gone when you have to use only Edwardian script for your font choice.

Couples today like to play with fun fonts because they’re expressive and reveal the personality of the couple. Don’t be afraid to play with bold styles and large letters. That’s part of the design and the appeal of the invitation.

Whichever wedding invitation trend you pick, be sure to showcase in a wedding invitation box designed to protect and present your invitation.