High End Wedding Invitations Are Your Style

Your wedding celebration is representative of your ability to create uniqueness.

Today’s newlywed’s look less to replicating what’s already been done in favor of forging ahead and creating new and personalized experiences for their guests.

Why can’t a wedding have comfort foods like mac ‘n cheese or hot wings (or both!)? Who is to say that a bocce ball court and a bouncy tent are inappropriate for your guests? What if you prefer disc golf to a disc jockey? You can create the celebration you want.

Today’s wedding are about creating a sense of individualism. Every pair of newlyweds may have traits and preferences similar to those of other newlywed couple, but they are have their own style and sense of fun. Brides and grooms today want to share that fun — the experiences that make them who they are — with their friends and family.

That’s why more brides and grooms are spending their money on what truly matters the most to them. They want to make sure their selections are gratifying.

Your high end wedding invitations can do the same thing.

First, keep in mind that a  high end wedding invitation doesn’t mean something stuffy and formal. While certainly formal invitations have their place, a high end wedding invitation means two things: quality and distinction.

First, the invitation is high quality. The printing is sharp and crisp. The paper used is thick and of premium materials. You can tell the moment you pick it up. Not only is the paper thicker, you’ll likely be able to feel its tooth, which is the texture. High quality paper stock can make all the difference in your high end wedding invitation.

Second, the  high end wedding invitation  is a bespoke creation. That means that the invitation is completely unique to the two of you. That may seems obvious since the wording on the invitation is completely yours and yours alone, but much more exists in the world of bespoke creations.

When designing your  high end wedding invitation,  you;’ll want to order the exact size of box for t=your wedding invitation, whether that invitation is a glass square etched with you words you chose, or it’s a more traditional rectangle-shaped invitation on heavy 70# paper.

You’ll also want to select the fabric and color for you wedding boxes. Many couples prefer silk because of its durability, but satin and velvet also make excellent choices. From there, your personalization switches into high gear, because you’ll want to decorate the outside of the box, using ribbon, lace, rhinestones and pearl, or other meaningful objects such as feathers, shells, leaves and more.

You’ll find that premium luxury wedding invitation really are your style.