Why Couture Matters in Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for couture design for your wedding?

Couture means that a design has been made according to a customer’s specific requirements. These requirements include size, color and design, but most importantly, the requirements customize the product so that is unlike any other.

For some people, couture design doesn’t matter. It’s understandable that a person may feel as though functional is fine as long as it’s also attractive. That may be true of your dishes and other everyday items, but for your wedding invitations, couture matters. Couture design makes you and your event stand out.

That’s because there can be no other wedding like yours. You have specific requirements, and given all the customizable choices you can make, your wedding will truly be one that is bespoke.

This is especially true for your wedding invitations. Your wedding invitations, especially, should be high end couture, made to your unique requirements.

When you want something that stands out

Because it’s your wedding, not any invitation will do. Elegance matters when it comes to selecting the right invitation box, and for that reason, ivory and black suggest the elegance of the bride’s dress and the formality of the groom’s tuxedo.

For real personalization, consider the Ivory High End Couture Wedding Boxed Invitation. This wedding invitation offers incredible customization centered around luxurious elegance.

How the boxed invitation is made for you

Begin with a box padded and handcrafted to your specifications. Then enfold and cover the box with precious dupioni silk. A gatefold opening provides an elegant reveal of the wedding invitation within, held in place at the corners with satin ribbon. The door interiors have pockets to hold other inserts such as gift registry information, the RSVP card and envelope, or other items of information that your guests may need.

Close the doors of this box to enjoy the customized couture embellishments on the outside. Double sided monogram embroidery embellishes the inner edges of the gated doors, and each embroidered swirl is set with a stunning pearl and rhinestone brooch.

For added personalization, request that your initials be embroidered on each door. It’s a bespoke touch that sets you and your wedding invitation boxes apart from others.

Couture matters the most when an event is significant and likely to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. What could be more significant than your wedding? By sending your guest couture invitations for your wedding, you’re showing that you’ve taken the time to consider and create a design that is uniquely you.

And who doesn’t want to be part of something special?