What You Must Have in Your High End Invitations

The average wedding cost is up again this year, by several thousands dollars from last year.

With an average cost of $35,000 – and more than twice that if you live in a city with a high cost of living – many brides and grooms look for ways to optimize everything about their weddings. The current trend is to keep the guest list smaller and treat the invitees lavishly.

That means high quality food, unique and personalized wedding favours, and high end invitations. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the many invitations out there that pretend to be premium requests for attendance.

When seeking your high end invitations, look for these indications of exclusive craftsmanship.

Premium elements

Inferior materials do not make stellar invitations. Avoid hiring designers who recommend cheaply woven fabrics and poor quality accessories like sloppily glued rhinestones and synthetic ribbons.

Traue quality comes from premium natural fabrics like silk and satin. Your rhinestone crystal embellishments must reflect light with brilliance.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is everything in a luxury invitation. Look for special details like padding inside the box as well as outside.  Ribbon holders keep the main invitation card  in place, and the outer decorations add not only excitement, but also a sense of panache to the invitation.

Don’t let yourself be limited by what others think you need. Perhaps most importantly, you’re going to want your invitations in a custom size, and as the consumer, you should also be able to select any color combination you want.

Design Savvy Experience

Selecting the right designer is critical to your completed high end invitation. You can find plenty of luxury invitations posted on social media collection sites, but unless you’d like your attempt at creating your own bespoke creation to be in a slideshow of “fails.“

Instead of taking on the design and creation or wedding invitations yourself, turn to a professional, preferably someone with at least a decade of design and craftsman experience. The reason to hire someone with this much experience is because this designer will have seen enough wedding trends to be on top of the new trends you’ll want for your own wedding.

Worried that the cost of the invitations you want will place your dream wedding out of your reach? The best designers will often offer discounts for high volume orders.

Your high end invitations aren’t just for weddings. Premium invitations and announcements mark the most special of events in your life, such as births, baptisms, confirmations, and anniversaries.

Your high end invitation, for your high end event. It’s a marriage made in heaven.