Distinctive Hotel Menu Card Covers Set You Apart

Harried and exhausted guests come to your hotel looking for one of two things. They either want a quiet place to work at the end of the business day, or they are looking for a relaxing getaway.

Either way, they’ll remember not only your hotel accommodations, but the service your provide and the way you present your hotel to them. That means your distinctive hotel menu card cover, wine list, framed blackboard or metal ringed binder has to be spot on when showcasing what you case offer your guests in the way of food, beverages or hotel information.

Now you can create the card covers that will make your hospitality stand out.

You have a choice in how you design these materials, and with the right covers, they’ll take a prominent place in your guests’ memory of your hotel. For example, you can create  distinctive hotel menu card covers that give your patrons their first sense of the menu that lies inside.

Your distinctive hotel menu card cover comes with an inside metal ring that will hold your DIN A4 documents.  You’ll have a 4 high pocket on the inside left side cover, creating a convenient location for an insert like your special of the day or the dessert list.

These binders are an impressive 10 x 13.25 inches, making them larger than a standard size of paper.  The oversized folio frames the inserts nicely. Imagine these big and prestigious binders in the hands of your guests, either at your restaurant table or in your guests’ rooms as they order service from the convenience of their suite.

Create a theme, develop a design and have your custom binders covered in a variety of natural fabrics like a 100% cotton exterior, and opt for the faux leather interior that cleans easily by wiping with a damp cloth. The results will be as stunning as they practical.

These luxury presentation materials and distinctive hotel menu card covers are made in exotic Chiang Mai, which is known for providing quality products at a low cost –  a perfect solution for your needs. And now you can create the covers you want for advertising your products.

How you showcase your menu is just as important as what you offer in it. Make the difference for your guests with distinctive hotel menu card covers that say you’ve thought about their sensory experience and designed the very best.