Celebrate the Greatest Gift of All with Communion and Baptism Invitations

Some of the most joyous events in your life center around faith, birth and life itself. Special occasions like these bring all people a little closer, regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or religion.

The birth of your baby is an special moment, one that deserves celebration. After all, bringing a baby into the world and raising him or her in the faith of your family will be one of the most significant things you will do.

Of course you will want to share your joy with your family, friends and colleagues, and that’s why you should consider sending out luxury birth announcements.  These beautiful declarations of a new life become treasured reminders of the event.

A silk-covered pocket folder will add the right touch of elegance and sophistication for announcing your baby’s birth. Choose your fabric color and embellish the folder with ribbon and a rhinestone brooch. The announcement you create will become a treasured memento for years to come.

And as the  years pass, you’ll want to celebrate the other momentous events in your child’s life, including confirmation, communion and baptism. Invitations for these religious ceremonies tell your guests how important your faith is.

Communion and baptism invitations take all shapes and forms, but there are many considerations to take into account when designing your invitation.

Once you have selected your invitation, it’s time to determine how you will send it out. You’ll want it to look as important as event to which you’re inviting your guests, so a communion and baptism invitation deserves to be sent in a luxurious invitation box.

A handcrafted cross brooch invitation in carnation pink Thai silk can lend just the right touch to an announcement, and it’s particularly appropriate for an invitation to a girl’s baptism, communion or confirmation. The rhinestone cross brooch marks your invitation box as a religious ceremony of great significance. For communion or confirmation, try a white silk or velvet. For boys, you can opt for blue or sterling silver.

You can expect to customize the size of the communion and baptism invitation box to fit your invitation.

Embellishing the box is the final step. For elegance that makes the invitation the centerpiece of attention, select a satin ribbon that matches the color of the box’s fabric. Add a glorious rhinestone brooch to the ribbon, either in the shape of a cross or some other design, and your box is complete.

The result is the kind of communion and baptism invitation box that lends the right touch to the invitations you have selected for your guests.

Together, you’ll mark yet another important milestone of faith in your child’s life.