Cosmetic Bags That Create a Lifestyle

In seems like in this fast-paced world, everything you have must do double duty, and it should leave a minimal footprint on the Earth. Many of the cosmetics and other toiletries purchased today come in packaging that is a nightmare – either to use or to get rid of.

Modern lifestyles are about much more than the shrink-wrap our toiletries come in.

In fact, the only thing more mundane than printed paper and cellophane plastic may be watching how quickly the waste basket overflows with this future land fill material.

Most packaging is also wasteful because it cannot be saved and reused.

Shampoos, creams, and make up are necessities, but it’s not necessary to clutter the environment with their packaging. Cosmetic bags can be the right alternative to wasteful packaging and even gift-giving.

Instead, opt for natural fiber packaging in cosmetic bags that match consumer lifestyles.

Natural and Casual

For the casual, on the go lifestyle, many people prefer natural fabrics that breathe well and can last for a while.

That means, cotton, canvas, hemp and even linen are the order of the day. These tough fabrics will hold up to the travails of travel and can hold their own in a purse. You may be surprised at how long some people hold on to their bags; they simply wear for a long time.

Elegant and Sophisticated 

For more upscale packaging, try taffeta, satin or silk cosmetic bags. The sheen in these fabrics adds a luxury quality to your promotion and packaging, and it’s likely that you’ll be just as pleased with the bag itself as the product inside the bag.

These fabrics make excellent protection for jewelry or other items that you want to protect from scratches and scuffs. They are also statement bags – the mind associates the ultimate in luxury with these gorgeous bags like the Logo Printed Taffeta Silk Cosmetic Bag.

If you’re wondering about closures on these bags, rest assured that you have a variety of options. Cosmetic bags can be fastened with zippers, toggles, drawstrings and buttons.

Don’t stop there in your design, though. The design of your bag is limited only by your creativity. Add embellishments, embroidery, ribbon or even clear plastic windows through which you can see your product.

Remember too that cosmetic bags are about much more than cosmetics. These small and convenient bags seem to have more lives than a cat, and the bags find their way into situations where they are often repurposed time and time again.

Product placement and presentation can be everything, and you can do it right with fabric cosmetic bags.