Wedding Invitation Inserts Demystified

Since the day he asked you to marry him, you said yes to luxury wedding invitations.

The two of you poured dreamily of books of invitations, oohing over texture and cooing about embossing v. engraving. Then there was the night you opened a bottle of wine, and bookmarked every spectacular wedding invitation presented to you online.

And then someone asked you, what about your wedding invitation inserts? Most modern wedding invitations require inserts, and it’s likely that yours will, too.

How do you know what you need?

Think of it this way. Your wedding invitation announces your upcoming nuptials. It will include your names, the date, time and location. Sometimes, you’ll have room to add where the reception will take place, sometimes not, especially if the reception will be held in a location other than your wedding ceremony.

You’ll also want to know if your guests can attend or not, so you’ll need an RSVP card and envelope that they can mail back to you.

While GPS is a tremendous boon, it’s not always accurate. Some of your guests may appreciate you sending them a map, especially if the territory is unfamiliar or you are holding your wedding in one place and your reception in another. Out-of-towners would also love to have your recommendations for best place to stay, and where to catch a wonderful breakfast the next day.

What about your gift registry? That requires another card as part of your wedding invitation inserts. The card can be a handy reminder for your guests to either take shopping with them or to have nearby if ordering online. From bricks to clicks, you have your bases covered.

When ordering your wedding invitation inserts, coordinate them with your wedding invitations. You’ll want to place your insert in special folders and pockets, like the sophisticated Off-White Silk Invitation Pad with Pearl Button Embellishment. This cream-coloured pad with its selective black detailing, white ribbon and pearl embellishment is a stylish way to impress your guests while coordinating your wedding invitations and the inserts that of with them.

You may be tempted to scrap all the wedding invitation inserts, but don’t. Guests who are not internet savvy can feel left out, possibly having no way to respond to your invitation. Years from now, you may appreciate the lengths you went to with your wedding invitations and elaborate wedding invitation inserts.

After all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go all the way with your wedding invitations.