Pink Party Favour Boxes to Savour

“Yes, yes, I like that one, too!”

Just last week, the group of young girls — maybe just nine or ten years old — was talking about emotions, specifically what things made the girls sad and what made them happy.

Not surprisingly, the girls agreed about several of their choices. After all, even at a young age, there is wisdom in knowing that playing with puppies and kittens is fun, eating ice cream on a warm day can make you smile, and perhaps some of the greatest joy in life comes from the simple act of opening a present.

A well-presented gift stands out, and it shows that you have put some thought into not only what’s inside the box, but also its first impression. Perhaps it’s the curiosity about what’s inside, or maybe it’s the thought someone really cares, but gifts are always special.

This is just as true for adults as it is for kids, which is why you should consider incorporating pink party favour boxes in your next celebration or party.

Even the most unassuming gifts can be treasured tokens because of the way in which they are presented.

Because of their 2x2x2” size, you’ll find a number of uses for these handcrafted pink party favour boxes. They can be used for a variety of treats at any special occasion.

Favour boxes are not just for wedding. Use them at big events like conferences or galas. These favor boxes are appropriate for corporate retirement parties, great for Project Graduation nights, and they can be used for kids’ parties, too.

While you could put a morsel of cake, such as a petit four in each box, consider these other fillers for your favour boxes:

  • A sample of small candies or seasoned nuts
  • Toys like balls, yo-yos or miniature animals of plastic or plush
  • Costume jewelry
  • Useful small tools, like tape measures
  • Keychains
  • Lip balm in small metal containers
  • USBs, which can be preloaded with pictures or other content

Pink party favour boxes that have been customized for your event make getting a small gift even more special. These boxes can be almost any colour you want if you customise your order with Dennis Wisser.

To make the favor boxes stand out even more, opt for custom personalization to the boxes with printing, logos and hand-tags. Complete the look with a simple piece of ribbon, and you’re done. You’ve created a tiny gift that is sure to make anyone happy.

Whether you hand out your pink party favour boxes individually to your guests, or you create stunning displays that rival any architectural design, party favors like these will create a lot of happiness.

You can learn a lot from a nine year old.