Don’t Let Your Wedding Invitations Invite People to Your Home Unless This One Thing Is True

You may still be reeling from the sticker shock that can come with trying secure a wedding venue. There’s no such thing as inexpensive, whether you want to rent a grand hall, a rustic retreat or just a simple room for a few friends and family.

Knowing that the first thing you must do is get your wedding invitations sent out, you may be tempted to resort to the easiest solution – a home wedding.

Defaulting to what seems like the easiest solution when planning a wedding and creating wedding invitations. A wedding planner, however, may tell you that this is not always the best – or the cheapest – course of action.

Never plan a home wedding without adequate resources.

A big wedding at home requires big planning at every level.

First of all, if your wedding invitations are inviting 1500 close friends, business contacts and family members, the home you selected for your wedding and reception better be on fifty acres so that you can provide parking and tented areas to protect your guests from the elements.

Not us, you say. But even smaller guest lists require extensive planning.

You’ll still need parking for everyone, and most driveways will not accommodate too many vehicles. City ordinances and HPOAs may restrict cars from parking in the street or on lawns.

Even if you do manage the parking, you’ll still need to strategize where you’ll exchange vows and set up for the reception. IF your wedding takes place of an evening, you’ll want lighting. Uplights in trees add a sophisticated look to the ambient glow of light strings and the sparkle of outdoor chandeliers, but again, this takes prior planning.

Remember that you’ll need to rent chairs for the wedding and tables for the reception, and you’ll even need a plan for inclement weather if any part will take place outdoors, which means a tent.

Finally, what about the pets? Some of your guests may be allergic to cats, or less fond of big dogs than you; your fur-kids may resent having so many strangers around the house, so Mittens and Mayhem need to be boarded or at least sequestered.

In the long run, it may be far less expensive to book a wedding venue. It will give you the peace of mind you may need when your life will be most hectic, and by booking that venue early on, you can get your wedding invitations ordered.

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