Couture Silk Invitations Make the Event

It’s going to be the best event of the year, the one party everyone wants an invitation to, and those who miss out — either because they are unable to attend or they don’t receive an invitation — will be truly disappointed. This is the one time when everything detail of planning will come together — the food, the guest list, the music, the venue and the celebration itself.

After all, your high-end gala or luxury wedding deserves nothing less than the best.  Silk provides perfection for your invitations.

When everything must be perfect, from the dress or suit you will wear, to the table decorations at the reception, use silk for the very best in luxury invitations. No other fabric offers the same quality and flexibility in design.

Couture silk invitations, especially when presented properly, will establish your event as the most important one of the season, whether you are hosting a wedding or a gala.

When your guests are among the elite, they’ll want to be treated to luxury invitations befitting not only the event you are hosting, but also invitations that appeal to their sensibilities. Time is precious, and no one has enough to spare — unless the silk couture invitation grabs the invited guest’s attention, and suggests that this one celebration above all others is the one to attend.

No one gets invited by silk alone, so be sure that your silk couture invitations have been designed with your theme in mind. Sumptuous duping silk can de dyed in colors to coordinate with your color scheme, and there are a variety of ways in which you can add additional layers of interest and design to the invitation.

If you are planning the kind of wedding that will be entrenched in formal luxury, including a dramatic bridal gown draped with antique lace, consider having your premier luxury invitations of silk adorned with similar laces which can also be decorated with pearls or crystals.

Speaking of crystals, many times silk couture invitations are studded not only with pearls and other semi-precious stones, but they are also embellished with crystals that glitter as intensely as the stars in the sky. What a beautiful way to invite your guests to a star-studded evening for a gala events for patrons of the arts.

These premiere invitations may also be finished with ribbons of satin or velvet. Add additional adornments such as peacock feathers, brooches and even sliced seashells. The beauty of silk is that it compliments virtually any additional touches you might desire to add.

Your guest will know that you have taken the time to plan every minute detail of your gala or wedding, and the invitations are no exception.

That’s why couture silk invitations make the event.