The Wedding Favors Your Guests Really Want

No one has set a rule of etiquette that dictates how long you should keep useless tokens from a wedding you attended as a guest, be convention says to hang on to it at least for a little while.

If you have been to any wedding recently, you know that favors are all the rage. It almost seems like a requirement that you give out favors, even if it will put your budget in a bind. Everyone loves great wedding favors that are useful, but not all wedding favors are useful or great.

You save the mementos for a while, but soon get rid of them because they do not suit your taste or style. Without careful thought and planning favors can be a waste of money, effort and time.

Instead, give your guests the wedding favors they will appreciate the most. The best favors are sensible, sustainable and sweet.


While neon-colored kazoos with your wedding date on them may be fun for an evening — or at least the first ten minutes of it —it’s not really a practical gift in the long run. Think instead about what your guest really enjoy.

Opt for a bottle opener or stopper (handy for travelers), small vials of hand sanitizer (super for keeping in a vehicle, purse or pocket), lip balm,


Think outside the box, literally.

Try giving away tiny plants, wildflower seeds, baby succulents or even smarter herbs for your guests’ offices or gardens. Even the tiniest rosemary plant will grow into a behemoth in just a few short years, and it’s something your guest may well appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Wrap the plants in paper or cloth, or nestle each one into a small burlap bag so the soil doesn’t stain party clothes. Then place miniature pots of tiny succulents or herbs along the tables to create intriguing decor.


If you are not sure about what wedding favor your guests really want, keep it simple.

Give them a gift them can nibble on, such as a jar of salsa or jam, a couple of prettily colored macarons, petit fours or even miniature pies that have been made in mini-muffin pans. A vial of spices from the BBQ rub may do the trick.

Coated candies can also be appropriate.

When you have decided on what’s sensible, sustainable or sweet, package your wedding favors and present them the right way, too.

Use small boxes that will hold cookies or cake, and give away drawstring or envelope pouches into which a guest can tuck a miniature jar or seed container. You can find a complete inventory of handmade and wholesale wedding favor boxes and bags here at Dennis Wisser.

Ultimately, the goal is to thank your guests with a token that will be enjoyed as mush much as they enjoyed being a part of your wedding.