When No One in Your Wedding Party Agrees – from the Announcement to Your Wedding Favor Bags

When you get married, the odds are pretty good that there will be a disagreement about something. It may be about the open bar, your plunging back on your wedding dress or the goodies in the wedding favour bags for your guests.

Announcing Anything

The simplest of things can quickly become the most convoluted, whether you are announcing your engagement or selecting the wording on your luxury wedding invitations. Your parents may have their own ideas about what to say and how to say it. Certainly you should take their advice, but also remember that some customs may have changed since they planned their own wedding.

Family Traditions

Traditions are an important part of who you are. Every family has certain traditions they want to see carried out from generation to generation. For example, your family may have a pair of earrings with pearls and crystal drops that every bride since the Spanish-American War has worn, but you prefer to wear the diamonds stud earrings your future husband gave you.

Rather than trash the tradition, consider how you can still incorporate the antique earrings into your style. Could they be part of a brooch or fastened at either side of your veil?

The Guest List

One of the biggest arguments any couple getting married may face is the size of the guest list as well as the names on or off of it.

The available financial resources and your budget will likely dictate the size of your guest list. A formal sit-down dinner for 250 people is an expense that may require an honest discussion. Many times today couples opt for less expensive venues and put the money they save toward a down payment on their first home.

Wedding Favour Bags

It might seem like something as simple as a wedding favor bag wouldn’t cause dissension, but this sweet tradition of gifting your guests with a small token of your appreciation for their celebration of your wedding can raise the hackles on even the quietest of planners.

Let’s say you decide that miniature kazoos are the perfect gift for the wedding favor bags because you and the groom are in a kazoo band, and you want your guests to have some kazoo-style entertainment. Your future in-laws, however, see no fun in kazoo-ing and turn up their noses at the very suggestion, bringing you to an impasse over the contents of your wedding favour bags.

The most important thing to remember about the disagreements is that they are just that – a disagreement. They shouldn’t end up as all out battles with members of the wedding party and both families taking sides.

Whether you are planning the aesthetics of your ceremony and reception or selecting your wedding favour bags, remember that the best solution may be a compromise.