Does Getting Cold Feet While Planning Your Wedding Make You Normal?

Getting married to your best friend in the whole world is something you’ve wanted forever. The proposal was inspirational, the venue of your dreams was available on the date you wanted, and your embellished wedding invitations are everything you dreamed of. You even found the right dress!

Now the only thing to worry about . . . is worry.

And that’s only natural. Every bride has moments of doubt, and this doubt can range from the selection of flowers or music, whether the embellished wedding invitations were too elaborate (the answer is always no!) or whether it will rain on the day of your wedding.


The moment you say yes to a marriage proposal, you will find plenty of things to stress you out. For example, getting the venue booked for your chosen date, selecting the colors for your embellished wedding invitations and their invitation folders, and even deciding on your hair style can have you second-guessing yourself like never before.

To handle stress, there are two things to do right away. Take control of stress by reflecting on the thousands of times you’ve made great decisions. The decisions you make now will be just as wonderful. Take time for yourself. As much as you’ll want to devote every moment to planning your wedding, relax. Eat healthily, drink more water and get at least seven and a half hours of sleep each night.


Being in a situation of not knowing creates anxiety.

It’s likely that anxiety will creep in as your wedding day gets closer, but don’t let it take over.

There’s little you can do about some things, such as the weather. If you think it might rain, have a back up plan. If you know it will rain, implement that back up plan. Try to keep in perspective that some things, like how well your embellished wedding invitations turned out, you can control. The weather, you can’t.

If anxiety is keeping you awake at night, trying making a list of the things that make you anxious. In this list you wrote, what are the things you can control? Circle them, and then get your maid of honor to help you develop a plan for tackling those things.

And the ones out of your control? Let them go.


Expect to be nervous, especially on your wedding day.

You’ll have a lot of guests waiting for you to exchange vows, but remember that these people are your most beloved friends and family. You can count on them for support, not for being critical if you slip up on the vows or step on the train of your dress.

The worry that comes from stress, anxiety and nervousness doesn’t mean that you have cold feet. It means that you are normal.