Awesome Wedding Day Trends You’ll Want to Follow in 2016

From the first invitation that goes out to the last wedding favor bag you give to your guests, there’s no better year than 2016 to create the kind of unique wedding day that reflects who the two of you are as individuals and as a couple.

This upcoming year portends awesome wedding trends that you’ll want to follow for your own day. The secret in pulling of any of these trends, though, is adopt and adapt the trend to suit your own style and personality.

After all, your wedding will be the first social event you host as newlyweds. Try these trends:

  • Create an experience your guests will remember.

You are creating more than a wedding; you are by staging a show, so hire entertainment. Think of the days of royal feasts, when kings and queens hosted banquets that served wild game, local dishes and decorations, and featured jugglers and dancers. You might not be able to hire Cirque du Soleil, but you could hire local performers to help entertain you guests and distribute wedding favor bags.

  • Destination weddings are fun, but not always possible due to budget and time constraints.

If there is a destination that truly speaks to your heart, consider bringing the destination to your wedding day by recreating elements that will allow your guests to experience that one place you love. Rent palm trees and sand for a beach theme, or bring in special lighting that will remind guests of a special boulevard stroll.

  • Opt for shimmering warmth with more gold and less silver.

Your décor and even your wedding favor bags can help to add glitzy glamour to the venue. Rose gold, rose quartz, Rosé wines and champagnes are all hot trends for 2016.

  • Look your best with ambient lighting.

Pendant lighting is especially popular. Consider how you’ll look in pictures, and think about creating the glowing romantic mood people – and you – will cherish.

  • Change your seating layout.

Huge round ten-top tables are a thing of the past. These formal behemoths take up vital space and limit conversation. Ask for longer tables or create seating arrangements where people can converse.

  • Avoid the matchy-matchy look.

Experiment with varying floral arrangements, colors and tones. Not even your bridesmaid dresses have to match, nor do your wedding favor bags.

  • Formal, plated dinners are giving way to more fun ways to eat.

Try stations or “bars” where guest can select foods that appeal to their tastes and fit their dietary needs.

For 2016, let your personality shine through with flowers food, wedding favor bags and even the music you select.

Rather than trying to have the most unique wedding possible, have the kind of wedding that allows you to be you. That’s plenty unique enough!