When Your Wedding Takes Place on (or Near) a Holiday

After your engagement is announced, people will ask, “When’s the wedding?”

Although brides and grooms are often advised NOT to select a holiday date such as Thanksgiving or Christmas for a date, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t select that date or something near to it. You set the tone, the theme and the date for your wedding.

Set this tone and theme with boxed wedding invitations.

Envisioning your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation boxes can create a sense of anticipation about your wedding, especially if your wedding will take place on or near a holiday. Use these luxury boxes to signify that your wedding is significant enough to merit the guest’s presence no matter what date you have scheduled your wedding.

Sending your invitations in a specially crafted wedding invitation box establishes not only the tone but also the theme for your wedding. Consider these options for your invitations:

  • Work with the colors of the season or of the holiday by coordinating your selected colors with white or cream, depending on the color of the bridal gown. Choose a dark box for light-colored invitations or a light box for darker invitations. Tone on tone is a classic look that never goes out of style.
  • Decorate the invitation with trim or embellishment accessories that reference the holiday upon which your wedding is set.

The holidays you want to cherish

There are plenty of holidays from which to choose for your wedding; the most obvious ones are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Imagine booking a destination wedding to a luxury lodge in the snowy mountains, wearing velvet and using deep jewel tones for your colors, and having your family and closest friends with you to luxuriate in front of a roaring fireplace during your holiday vacation.

You could also escape the bitter cold and spend the days after your wedding in the balmy Caribbean, splashing in the turquoise water and lounging on the beach with everyone you love.

Some brides and grooms pick less traveled holidays for their wedding dates, such as the Fourth of July (who wouldn’t want fireworks at their wedding?), Halloween (invite all the guests to come in costume) or Valentine’s Day.

If you have a favorite holiday, it’s natural to want to hold your wedding on that day, too. Because the people you are inviting likely share similar tastes as the two of you, you can count on them wanting to show their support for you at a holiday wedding. Show them how special they are by sending your invitations in wedding invitation boxes.

Don’t have a special holiday in mind? You can still use wedding invitation boxes for your wedding, establishing the theme that best represents the bride and groom.

After all, your day of matrimony will always be a special holiday to you.